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Teach a child to fend for themselves

Children are not always easy to resolve disputes, sometimes they perpetuate the conflict with their peers. give advice to parents how to educate the kid the right quality

Kids react to criticism much more than adults. The child is almost never thinks about what to say when he wants to offend someone so often says very hurtful things. If your child faces constant ridicule of other children, it is in your power to help him defend the border. Teach them how to solve conflicts, to refuse and communicate properly with other children. Believe me, your advice will one day help the child in difficult situations.

It is important to make the child believe in themselves, we have to educate in him the qualities that will make him more confident. Teaching communication is necessary from the moment when a child first comes into contact with other children on the Playground.

The main points that should learn your little one

Учим ребенка постоять за себя

The child needs to learn to defend their granitite:

1. He's not a victim

People who try to please, show gentleness and helpfulness, generally fall into a difficult situation. This may happen with your child if you know that it is inherent in the data quality. Try to explain that nobody has the right to insult him and laugh at him. Neither his appearance, nor age, nor anything else is not a cause for humiliation. Tell me you do not need to be afraid of cocky guys, if a child will succumb to their provocations, will make only worse to yourself.

2. He should not be afraid to ask for help to your parents

Many children believe that turning to their parents for help, they show their weakness and inability to solve problems independently. However, the decision on the part of the child is often drawn even greater problems. Explain to your child that help from parents is not considered shameful, he can and should ask for advice from family in case of trouble.

In the role of assistant may be a school teacher or psychologist who is in each school.

3. Not to respond to provocations

Children are very sensitive to any insults and ready to meet the offender. Because of the age of the child does not understand that rushing the instigator, it just shows weakness, not strength, as it seems. If you do not respond to such attacks, the abuser will likely quickly lose interest in their "victim".

Can you tell me why a child who teases behaves. In your power to give the child advice on how to behave in such a situation, to develop together with his strategy.

Учим ребенка постоять за себя

The child should not take other people's things without, spreafico:

4. To protect their property

There are situations when the child begins to take other people's stuff without permission. If you know what your child can do so, again, explain why you can't do what he faces this kind of behavior. At the other extreme, when things are taken away from your child. The child is not obliged to share with anyone if he doesn't want to. However, be prepared that you may have to intervene and demand the thing back, if the child is not able to resolve the conflict on their own.

5. Teach your child to say "no"

Even if the child is in good standing with the classmates, there are moments when it is put in an uncomfortable situation. For example, the children decided to declare unfair a boycott of one classmate and your child questioned the correctness of this decision. But most likely he will be influenced by class and will behave accordingly — that is, to ignore the universal "victim" out of fear of being misunderstood.

In this situation, you should explain to the child that his decisions no one has the right to question, and it shouldn't go on about the other brand always.

6. Practice in wit

Each of us in the class was history, when the conflict ended in a fistfight. Many children in early childhood are sure that this is the only way to solve problems, the idea they carry to school, where they find many supporters. And formed the reputable companies that keep at Bay the younger classes.

Your child must understand that the word is much more effective fight. If he succeeds to put pressure on the weak spot of the offender, he will be in pole position and beat off all the Okhta to contact him.

Учим ребенка постоять за себя

Friendship can go through all infoto:

7. It is important to have good friends

Friends are important at any age. They provide invaluable psychological support, if necessary, to help deal with bullies. It is important to teach the child to appreciate friends and to be a good friend. When the child is still small, but able to absorb information, view a good cartoon about friendship that shows how important it is to have support close by.

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