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How to educate the heir to the business, and why for many it is impossible shares experiences and advice of psychologists, which will help to introduce the child to the family business

More and more people make a choice in favor of the individual enterprise or company registration under the personal supervision, seeing it as a basis for the creation of material well-being of the family. The managers who is thriving, sooner or later the question arises — whom to leave the business? Well, if your child shows interest in the family business. And if not? Educate the heir to the business on the advice of psychologists.

A trusting relationship is the basis of everything

It will be difficult to convince the child that he must continue the family business. Owing to the youthful extremism of many sons refuse to go dad's way, especially if the family has problems of mutual understanding and trust. The child, seeing how hard dad works all the time, hardly in their 18-20 years wants the same life. At this age in my head most of the time only round-the-clock partying, and learning upstaged. However, it is not time to despair! If your heir is still small, you can become an example for him. Spend more time with the child, talk with him about different topics, take on hunting and fishing — any hobby that you are passionate about. Also suggest sometimes bring it to work, especially if the child has reached the age of puberty, — introduce his colleagues. Let him feel the friendly and motivating to the achievements of the situation, understand the Pope's role as a leader in solving problems of the company. Be sure to ask the child what he would do in a given situation — you can not take into account his opinion, but he will feel important and will gradually get used to the idea that he will have to solve complex problems and take responsibility for the correctness of the decision.

Как воспитать наследника бизнеса, и почему у многих это не получается

Become child the best, dragonface:

Pegmatite the child's strengths

As a leader you know what qualities are required to succeed in business. First of all, this intellection, responsibility, composure, ability to keep promises, to respect deadlines and so on. Artistry will also benefit the child in the future it will be easier to establish contacts with partners and negotiate favorable transactions, and colleagues will be more respected charismatic person. You should not despair, seeing how your child days lost for books and does not come into contact with other people or, conversely, lost for the night with friends and every now and then has an affair with the girls. Psychologists say that at the stage of becoming a teenager can literally change every month — there are hormones that affect the behavior of young men. By the way, why are we only talking about young men? Girls can become leaders are better than men. Of course, they have some different psychology, but with proper self-control and constant development, they can successfully perform the duties of the General Director — the example of Europe and the United States to prove it.

Develop the skills of the child accustom to good habits

The earlier a child gets used to the regime, the better. Discipline begins with the mundane Affairs — time to go to sleep, eat every 3-4 hours, walking at least once a day and read books before bedtime. Even two-year-old kid adjusting to life in this mode, if the parents day-to-day control of compliance with regulations. As they grow older to the usual schedule is to connect the circles and sections — sports, an acting class or dancing, painting and more. Let the child himself will choose what he wants to do — visit coercion will only cause internal rejection of everything connected with the section. Sports not only strengthen the muscles but will teach the little man to the discipline, patience, ability not to give up and to achieve results, dancing will help you to become artistic, keep smiling and not to feel ashamed of his body, drawing will develop imagination is a positive impact in the future when he will have to be creative and find a way out of seemingly hopeless situations.

Как воспитать наследника бизнеса, и почему у многих это не получается

Let the little genius will choose hobbitt:

Study, study and study again

No wonder they say that the best teacher is someone who is constantly learning. You can't force a child to learn, but for example, I can show that love for learning will give him. Read books, share opinions about them with family. It is especially important to have in the home library of books on business subjects — they will help in the future. Even billionaires like bill gates loved to read, a businessman reads a book a week, not less than 50 per year! Remember when the last time you read fifty books a year... it's Time to follow the example of the acknowledged masters of his craft.

Как воспитать наследника бизнеса, и почему у многих это не получается

Let the child decide which way vibrathot:

Love can not be

How could you not like, but the child will make the final decision himself. Realize that he is a separate person with their own thoughts and desires, and not your debtor, who is obliged to follow in the footsteps of his father. The main thing for parents is the happiness of children. You want the son or daughter happy? Use the techniques mentioned above, but if as a result the child will say that chose a different path, don't insist. Your task — to be his friend, not a tormentor. Who knows, maybe he'll make a great discovery in their field or become a successful businessman, but in a different path... Fate often is unpredictable, so leave a little space for her "magic."

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