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What if the teacher disliked child

Sometimes the kids at school are confronted with incomprehension and criticism from someone who should support them. Using the advice of a psychologist, peacefully solve a conflict with a teacher

School for a child — not just friends, new knowledge and healthy physical education lessons. It is primarily the stress of the unfamiliar environment, the first conflicts with adults and lessons of life. Not all children can quickly join the team, and teachers differ from each other — one support to the child, others are against it. Tell what to do if your child is unable to find a common language with the teacher:

Talk with your child

The first thing is to start the solution of the problem — a Frank conversation with the child. Arrange it in a comfortable situation: go with the baby in the trampoline Park or a movie, buy his favorite sweets and gradually come to the main topic of conversation. If you are going to put the baby to the conversation, he could refuse to speak to you or not tell you all that is actually happening. Find out what's their relationship with the teacher, as he speaks about the teacher, loved by his classmates. You need to understand the environment — a position in the team is your child and what could be a conflict. Note character traits that you previously noticed in the child: nervousness, restlessness, rudeness and disrespect for elders. Sometimes children provoke conflict with others, then the child should be examined by a neurologist and psychotherapist to understand what motivates his aggression. If a child's relationship with the staff and most teachers are good, but one particular teacher did not like him, then you should proceed to the next stage.

Что делать, если учитель невзлюбил ребенка

Consider the nature of rebenito:

Contact the teacher

If the child does not conflict with the class teacher, and, for example, an English teacher, you should first inform the class teacher that you want to talk with the teacher. Explain the situation to him and agree that he warned the teacher about your visit. Talk to the three of us — so the class teacher to be your referee, as they, too, knows of the child. In addition, the teacher can't accuse you of rudeness or insults, if you will be attending the third man. Better if you join the conversation school psychologist is competent in conflict resolution the person who will be able to suggest the best out of the situation. Talk calmly and friendly, focus on what you want to understand the cause of the conflict and eliminate it. Don't try to shield the child, but do not tolerate insults. Refrain from the pressure of authority, no matter what position in society you may hold — this will only aggravate the conflict and infuriate teachers. Do not try to take of the child is the adult conversation, which will only spoil his nerves and intimidate teachers.

Что делать, если учитель невзлюбил ребенка

Learn whether the friends of a child with the staff and great rukovoditelem:

Put the child in another group

I do not advise to completely change the team, if you are satisfied with the class teacher and classmates of the child, and he himself feels them comfortable. However, unresolved with the teacher conflict is a significant reason to change the training group. For example, you can move on to another group of English within the class. In extreme cases, you can negotiate with the class teacher that will take individual lessons on the subject to the offset provided by the school psychological health of a child more money spent on a tutor. In modern schools this practice is considered normal, no one will judge you as a parent.

Что делать, если учитель невзлюбил ребенка

Solve the conflict without rebenito:

The main thing in any conflict is the continuation of the parties, a sober mind and adequate solutions. Confident that the situation will be resolved peacefully and everything will work out.

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