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Why is father so important for the education of the boy

The man in the family plays a huge role, especially if it is the heir. tell me how to turn wife into the perfect parent

We women often blame the men in indecision, and sometimes the lack of masculinity. Why such men are, in principle, appear? It's all in the upbringing, or rather, who of the parents showed great initiative. If you have a young son, would be wonderful if his education will make the hand of the father.

As you know, in most families children are brought up mainly by mothers and grandmothers, rather than men. Even in educational institutions, the workers mostly women.

The man usually assigned the role of breadwinner, so he and bribes smooth. The woman is easier to go to the teacher if her child did something wrong and to talk to the son than to distract her husband from making money.

Почему отец так важен для воспитания мальчика

Encourage any manifestations of interest on the part of maginifico:

However, it lost a very important relationship between the son and the father. A man plays a huge role in the upbringing of the boy, acting as a sample and if you like, a role model. It depends on his father to grow his boy self-confident representative of the stronger sex or a lifetime to seek support and help from women.

How should be such an education

To be a role model

The only condition: the father must be a man, namely: responsible, strong-willed and confident — not to be confused with arrogance. The boy needs to understand that, focusing on this man, he will achieve much in life.

However, not only a father can be a role model in the family: with this role can handle grandfather, older brother, uncle.

Почему отец так важен для воспитания мальчика

Start the "education" of the father even during beremennosti:

Together to celebrate successes and to provide support in all

For any person important the support of loved ones, and for young men the recognition of the father is invaluable. Let your husband do not skimp on the kind words addressed to the son. Many men believe that expression of feelings is a sign of weakness, but women have the power to change this view. Only by understanding that the father will always support and will understand, the boy will grow up self-sufficient person and a whole person.

To teach him to be independent

In the communion of the father with the son, it is important to take into account the opinion of the boy, that is, the conversation should sound like phrases such as "How do you think?" "What would you do in this case?" and stuff like that. Avoid imperative tone, categorical statements, because the son needs to take the initiative and promote it in the Bud.

Describe the relationship with women

This area is one of the most sensitive: not all just talk on this issue, even with older children, not to mention teenagers. However, the father need to do this, because the ratio of male to female is a marker of his masculinity. The boy at an early age needs to understand the value of relationship, respect the other person's feelings and have a sense of loyalty.

Again, the boy looks to the father and learns from his example to treat a woman. If the father treats the mother with respect, chances are the son will follow his example in the future, when you start to build a family with my woman.

To teach work

The man needs and he is constantly to develop myself as a person, to get rid of bad qualities, giving way to positive. Here we are talking not so much about masculinity, but about human. And in order that the child could be proud to put in father's example and think, "I wonder how my place would have done father?" you need to constantly work on themselves.

What if a man does not want to participate in the upbringing of the child:

"Education" of the father in your men need to start not when your son is going to the tenth grade, and during pregnancy. Not otmazyvaytes and devote a man in the aspects of flow of your pregnancy, talk to me about his feelings, though he, too, feels their involvement.

When the baby is born, don't take it from men. Take from the husband any assistance, thus encouraging his interest in the process.

Leave them alone, so my husband and son found a common language and common interests. When they become a team, it will be easier to find solutions to problems in the future. The more that there are things in which a woman does not understand.

Let your husband be the authority in the family. When a man supports, it is easier to make contact with the child, with whom he will be happy to spend time explaining some obscure mother theme.

Почему отец так важен для воспитания мальчика

Often leave the father alone with Synovate:

As you can see, no man would be a bad father by nature, they become so according to circumstances, sometimes directly associated with a woman. Therefore, it is in your power to do everything to both of your men found a common language and become friends for life.

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