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What should know the child to the first class

Test future student in our system — there's still time to catch up on knowledge and receive an excellent rating

Admission to first grade is an exciting stage in the life of a future student and his immediate family. Caring parents try to send their kid to a good school where he will teach not only basic subjects like the Russian language and mathematics, but also develop hidden talents — a love of foreign language, drawing, music or dancing. However, not only the parents have requirements for the school, in response, it proposes a specific list of knowledge that should be possessed by a child 7 years of age.

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  • Information about yourself and your immediate family. The child should easily call your name, name and patronymic, date of birth and age. Name of parents, their age, profession. Well, if a first grader knows home address, city and country in which they live, as well as its capital.
  • General knowledge about the world. The question about when the birds fly South or when the buds on the trees, should not cause labour to have a child. It is also important to be prepared to answer questions, demonstrating knowledge of the way of life. For example, what days of week do not work? On what holiday it is customary to put the Christmas tree? Teachers love to ask about plants and animals, and the child may face a very tricky questions. For example, the name of a baby horse or a cow? The answer is "loadedok" or "korovenok" instead of "foal" and "calf" would indicate a low level of training.
  • Что должен знать ребенок к первому классу

    The child needs to know your contact, danyetta:

  • The ability to read. The law provides that the child must be able to read that it took in the first class. However, imagine how it will be difficult when the bulk of the class will be to read fluently books, and he barely to combine letters into syllables. During training, ask your child questions about the text — it needs to understand that reading and digesting information. This skill will be checked during the testing.
  • The ability to count. Usually the first class the teacher asked to teach children to count from 1 to 20 in forward and reverse order. But the kid should know that there are numbers greater than one hundred, thousand, million. Some schools are asked to solve simple examples — 2+2=... or 5-1=... Typically taught in kindergarten, but it is better to ensure that the child is able to perform this action than to swear on the education system.
  • Что должен знать ребенок к первому классу

    The first class need to learn, citetitle:

  • Finding similarities and differences. The child has to think logically, even if it will show different pictures, for example, Apple and pear. His task is to reveal common and different features in different characteristics — color, shape, size, texture, edible/inedible, application and so on.
  • The allocation of the overall group. For example, before a child will put a few pictures: airplane, helicopter, car, motorcycle, truck, boat, boat, and barge. It needs to say that the vehicle and to divide them into groups: those who travel by air, land and water. It is possible that the teacher will ask the kid to share images by color, number of Windows — anything.
  • Что должен знать ребенок к первому классу

    The child needs to think, logicsoft:

  • The release of excess from the group. The pictures will depict, for example, a few vegetables and one fruit. The child must be considered to explain the reason for the choice.
  • To make a story in pictures. Verified by the imagination of the child and the ability to recognize emotions. For example, the series of pictures the first girl plays with the ball, then the car rides, the bursting of the ball, the girl was crying. The child must understand cause-and-effect relationship: the car ran over the ball, so it broke, and the girl began to cry, because it upset spoiled the toy. Additional "pluses" to the authority of the child in the eyes of reviewers if he'll find the girl name, small deviations from the history, describe the parts of a picture.
  • Что должен знать ребенок к первому классу

    Is to develop imagination and panatipata:

  • Know colors and geometric shapes. It's a skill that kids get at the age of 2-3 years, so 7 years, in addition to the basic red, yellow, green and other colors, the child needs to know complex colors — purple, pink, orange, beige and the like. Geometric shapes it needs to distinguish from each other and be able to explain the reason for the differences.
  • To know the human structure. Child will be given a blank sheet of paper and a pencil. It needs no labour to draw the human figure — the head, neck, torso, arms and legs. Important detail — to portray the facial expression and the parts of the body: fingers, hair, eyebrows and eyelashes.
  • Testing for the relevant class. If you want to go to class with profound studying of a foreign language, the child is asked to reproduce by ear the words that will tell the teacher, to copy written letters, to repeat the sounds. In music class will need a musical ear — the ability to repeat the rhythm of clapping, sing by heart any song on the piano to sing the sounds with the teacher. For drawing class will be important the skills of drawing humans, animals and nature — the teacher will assess not only the General image but also the accuracy, assiduity of the child and the selection of colors.
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