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Nanny or grandmother with whom to leave the child

Sooner or later you will need to exit from maternity leave, and child assistants. will give advice on who is a better fit for this role

After the baby is born you can't think about anything except his crumbs. However, the time comes and you need to get out of the decree. And here's the question: with whom to leave the child?

The first thing that comes to mind is to ask to babysit the older generation, i.e. grandparents. The decision seems to be logical, but it is not always possible to implement it, because your parents or relatives of the husband may not be able to follow fidget, or even abandon, if the relationship between the generations are not so.

In such a situation, young parents usually begin to look for a specialist nanny. Many women in our country seems to savagery to leave the child in the care of a stranger, but do not fear, the main thing — to choose a qualified professional who is not difficult to take care of your baby while you are not home.

Няня или бабушка: с кем оставить ребенка

No one will truly treat your child as babeskatja:

In both cases there are pros and cons, which we'll talk.

Let's start with family, namely my grandmother. It is important to understand how your relative is ready to plunge into your rhythm of life. After all, raising a child is hard work, no matter what they say. This can be called a work, and if grandma is already running, it will be Oh how difficult to combine. So the first thing you have to ask your Granny, not a day before you go to work, and much in advance, — whether it is ready to educate.

It is important to consider the attitude of the grandmother. If you ask for her help, but she agrees reluctantly, it is unlikely her baby will be understanding. When a person does not want to do a particular thing, he gets angry and to do all things. If you need such a relationship to the child? Well, if grandmother I agree with joy, we can say that the problem is solved.

Of course, the grandmother is much more reliable than a stranger. You can't predict how it will behave with your child, another woman, albeit with more experience. No stranger will not treat your child with the same awe as a loving grandmother.

In addition, if grandma agrees to babysit for free, this will help keep a fragile budget of a young family. Even if you will pay, the amount will be significantly less than paying a professional babysitter.

Няня или бабушка: с кем оставить ребенка

Heed to the choice of nanigoto:

The main disadvantage that you may encounter, entrusting the child's grandmother — a different view of the upbringing of the child. Agree, it's hard to demand something from a person who sits with the child free of charge. In addition, the grandmother will stick to their guns, claiming that her experience exceeds your. This makes it difficult to defend their opinion.

Grandmothers love to spoil their children, so there is a risk that your child, the care of her grandmother, will grow up dependent. Reverse case: grandmother wants grandson showed more initiative and determination, to do this, she constantly criticizes him and points out the defects, wrongly believing that their actions will bring up self-confident person. Are you ready to put up with such views?


If grandma did not work, young parents start to look for a babysitter. What is important to consider: first, age and level of education of the potential nurse. Well, if the nanny previously worked in a kindergarten: it says its stress. If your child is mobile, choose a young woman, she was able to cope with an active child.

The advantages of the professional nurse

In contrast to the grandmother's, nanny enters you into commodity-money relations, and it means you have the right to demand the quality that I expect. You won't have feelings of guilt and embarrassment, as it could be with a grandmother who was doing you a favor. Your role with the nanny clearly separated: you give the instructions and pay she, in turn, comply with them. It's simple. In addition, with a babysitter easier to negotiate, again due to commodity-money relations.

Няня или бабушка: с кем оставить ребенка

Ask your friends - maybe they know of a good candidate, nanigoto:


Matter how gently or treated the nanny to your child, she was a stranger in the house. And you don't always know who will be the new man, let her be, even hundreds of recommendations from previous jobs. You can reduce the risks, asking for help in finding friends with kids: what if someone has a good specialist in mind.

To hire a nanny — so hang on additional expenses. Any good specialist is expensive, so be prepared to spend a good. Save on health and safety of their child just not worth it.

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