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I'm yours: who are the fans

"Mom, I like the boy. He's 55," if after this phrase you haven't fainted, then do not. know the truth about the fans and their idols

Probably not a person you would absolutely not interested in anything in this life. Each of us somehow has a bias, no matter in what area. Someone interested in technical innovations, and at the first opportunity, she runs to the store for the latest version of the smartphone, some people prefer sports: to recall sports fans. In General, the attitude of these people vary from indifferent to extremely negative, but it happens from a total misunderstanding of what is happening.

Agree, it's hard to get into the head of another person and kick the living there "cockroaches", so ordinary people have to judge on the General ideas and stereotypes for many years. This article aims to overturn your preconceptions about people devoting their free time to the beloved.

The word "fan" comes from the Latin fānum ("the Shrine", "sanctuary"). Indeed, for many people the environment that understands you and doesn't repel, it becomes a sanctuary, the "sanctuary", if you want. As you probably know, most fans are teenagers. This is no accident: it was at this period of time, the identity of the person, it begins to separate from parents and trying to find his place in the world. In this difficult for the psyche, the company man, lost in search of himself, trying to find people who will support his Hobbies, if they have, of course, and thus finds fan clubs — the point of concentration of people United by a common interest.

Я ваша навеки: кто такие поклонники

artists and fans dependent on drugatore:

If we are talking about the musical fan club, teen attends concerts of your favorite artist and, as a rule, can not control their emotions, which young people frequent tantrums, which you show to live broadcasts of music events. People who are far from this world, curve and switch the channel, but their memory remains forever the image of the hysterical teenage girls who met idol live.

Yes, there are fans very much, but still not the majority. With age, wild love or passes, and people forget this period of his life, or ardent passion grows into a deep and peaceful sense of respect for the person you have devoted your youth. Such people do not like it when you call them fans, prefer less aggressive term — fan.

What happens in the fan club

Many parents are afraid of the fact that their child became a fan of a certain performer, buying CDs and posters in the supermarket "flying" to the shelves with the magazines, seeing a familiar face on the cover of the magazine, and the unconscious is trading broker foreign merchandise, trying to buy a calendar or a rare issue of the magazine.

I hasten to reassure — if your child said that he is a member of the fan club, regularly attends "meetings", don't panic, all is well. However, to calm your nerves, ask your daughter or son, a fan of what or who he is, and then look for information in the Internet to understand what roughly you are dealing with.

Modern teenagers are less victims of aggressive marketing, which is trying to impose on us is absolutely "empty" performers or actors, whose goal is simply to make money, not caring about the quality of his work. Nowadays, when information flows abundantly, it is difficult to "filter" the really good artists who can become a good example to your children. However, more and more young people interested in creativity, time-tested giants of industry: Alice Cooper, David Bowie, Elton John and many other great artists. If your child got one of these fan clubs, consider it a big success. But, the younger the child, the easier it is to convince of anything, so you can hear from room not brilliant Heroes, and the more recognizable and, as a rule, Russian hit. In this case, you just need to endure: such interests with age pass.

But there are fan clubs and adults, you say. Yes, there is, and it is those people who are more serious and in-depth study of a favorite artist because of their age and capabilities. And to study it. There is a famous shekspiroved, the scholars who are respected in society and strongly support cultural organizations. Why is the fan of Michael Jackson can not be a person who can educate? The more there is to tell about it: do you know that the actor possessed a musical notation, but, thanks to the ideal ear and an incredible work ethic, easily reproduced voice any existing tool, allowing for session musicians to pitch? A real treasure for any scholar. On it is written the book of the famous professors of top institutions from around the world, people of different humanitarian disciplines devote their coursework and the thesis, receiving high scores. This is a real story, just think maybe such a deep interest in the successful person will help your child to be in life, no need to interfere with his Hobbies that can develop into something more.

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Now, with the development of social networks, one does not need to leave your home to find like-minded people: there's a huge community, where a person of any age will be welcome.

In addition, the large fan clubs are starting to take a significant position in the cultural life of the city: some fan communities are able to hold big events, involving different cultural and urban structures. For example, the fan-club of Michael Jackson holds events in Moscow in cooperation with the cultural center of the native country of the contractor, working with his representatives and is highly appreciated by people from the sphere of culture — artists, Directors, musicians and this is not a complete list. Approximately the same situation with another large community in Russia — fan club of the band Queen. During the promotional tour of the biopic about Freddie mercury a few long-standing fans of the band, which in its environment is called "oldfile", was asked to evaluate the film itself is quite serious channels. In General, the administration serious fan clubs usually cooperates with representatives of the cinemas, people around the artist also holds events and conquering all the new cultural heights. Of course, every success is hard work people, free running for the good of the community, people who once themselves were teenagers, screaming at concerts. Now they are all adults with a serious job, which quite often arises from youthful passions. All this is because once the parents were sympathetic to the then frivolous Hobbies of your child, which became a matter of life.

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