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What not to say to a teenager in love

In the period of disorder of the relations with the second half your child needs special support. True, some phrases only will upset him more than cheer you up. will tell, what not to say

Young people are very sensitive, they require a special approach, especially when it comes to love. Remember yourself at his age, you just reacted violently to any interference from the elders. We collected seven phrases that in no event it is impossible to speak in love to a teenager.
Do not be sad

This phrase you will only devalue the feelings of the young man. Usually parents are trying to protect their child from negative emotions, but in fact it turns out quite the contrary: the child is closed, experiencing all the negative love experiences from the inside. Over time, he will cease to pay attention in conversation with you on their feelings, which is not good.

Found for someone to be killed. There's many girls around (guys)

Again, such phrases you discount the feelings of a teenager. Believe me, he knows about this variety of girls and guys, but at this moment in time he is interested in one/the only one, so your argument doesn't work. You only once again upset the child.

О чем нельзя говорить влюбленному подростку

don't devalue it, chuvstvovat:

Here I will grow and find even better

Agree, once you have experienced love drama and think about the future not really want. If the parents react in this way, the child may decide not to turn to them for advice. Try to delve deep into the problem and to get rid platitudes, because for the child this experience, like any other, incredibly important for the concept itself.

Your age early to think about love

Oh, how many disputes erupted between parents and children about the seriousness of relationships and love in General. You might think that at such a young age can not be a speech about something serious. Yes, it is. But for a child, these relationships mean the whole world, so don't devalue and do not belittle his feelings, tell me about your bad experience in his youth, and how you coped with the emotional stress.

О чем нельзя говорить влюбленному подростку

even at a young age can survive serious chuvstvovat:

You're not in love, you just think

The worst phrase you can hear from the parent. Do not think that the love of a teenager is something different from "adult" love. Perhaps there are certain nuances, but in General teenage feelings are as deep and sincere. Give your child to understand and decide how much he is in love. Just offer help if you about that you ask, and don't judge.

Look around, maybe you'll find someone else

At some point teenage feelings about unrequited love can last longer than we would like. In this case, not to mention the breadth of his choices regarding the opposite sex, give him time to settle and depart from a previous relationship. You can gently remind you about the Hobbies of the child and ask if he would like to do what attracts him most to the experience gradually faded away.

О чем нельзя говорить влюбленному подростку

support the child in a difficult, momentfoto:

He/she is not worth your anxiety

In a difficult moment, when the old relationship is destroyed, a teenager most of the experiences that have already him or he'd never be able to please as previous object of adoration. Again, your words about the insignificance of the event will not do better, but only belittle the teen and his feelings. No need to say that his feelings are worth nothing, as any excitement, whether of love or other, — a very big deal.

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