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How to teach a child to clean up after themselves

Psychologists suggest the correct methods of education, which work even on the most harmful baby

All children love to play, but no one likes to clean up toys. Some parents can still get to collect all the dolls and cars in the basket, the other did not get to do that the kids start to act up, so for adults it's easier to do it yourself. Want to change the situation? Here are some tips recommended by psychologists how to teach a child to order.

Show by example

If you are used to rake the debris into a corner, put in the wardrobe, crumpled things, do not be surprised that the child will do the same. Of course, we are exaggerating to emphasize that the child mirrors the behavior of the parent. Psychologists say that the best way to change the child's behavior is to change yourself. It is important to verbalize your actions, regardless of the age of the child. If your toddler 1-2 years, say: "Mom puts the toy in place so the room was clean and beautiful." In conversation with the teenager it is better to focus on the fact that the order in the room affects the learning productivity and comfort.

Как приучить ребенка убирать за собой

don't put your toys away, samitto:

Get together

The collective spirit is pushing for activities. You can start vacuuming the floor, and the child to offer to wipe the dust and water the flowers. Gradually increase load, change the activity. This will make it easier to get used to the duties around the house. However, some kids, when they deal with obligations is to take out the garbage, wash the dishes or do the Laundry. In any case, do not encourage children to work with money or permission to go out. Otherwise, they'll get used to them someone has to give a "bonus" for any activity that in real adult life are not feasible. Let the help of the child will be based on personal responsibility and the desire to help parents.

The only thing that might apply is the analogue of the tracker habits. Position the sheet horizontally and raschertite on cells of the same size, sign date. In cells, the relevant dates, stick stickers, if a child helps with cleaning. Invite him or her to do this yourself, usually the kids are like classes.

Do not resort to extreme measures

Threats, accusations and throwing personal belongings on the floor — not the best measures in education. Children are sensitive, especially at an early age. Violating their personal boundaries, you will be not only friend but a foe. Who says a parent is equal to the head? Be guide and helper, then the child will receive positive returns. Threats in the style of "your father will come, and I tell him everything", according to psychologists, form the child in the initial stages of fear, and later disregard and disrespect, when he as a teenager begins to realize their autonomy.

Как приучить ребенка убирать за собой

the child must get used to the idea that you need to remove domfoto:

Praise in front of others

Arrange for family and friends of the family that they will focus on what the house perfect cleanliness, when you come to visit. And you, accompanying them will answer that cleaning helps you child. Believe me, he will be pleased. And praise from the people he loves and respects, will be an additional incentive to continue to maintain order in the room.

We hope that our tips will help you instill in your child a habit. Be resistant, then we will succeed. Gradually, the child will get used to the idea that clean in the room — his duty, which needs to be regularly performed.

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