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5 mistakes in parenting

Excessive love and care hinder the development of

Rare the parent is not willing to do anything for her child, anything, even the moon from the sky. We try our best to give them the best, to protect from any adversity, to do the hard work instead. And as it turns out, to spoil their lives with his love. Especially this sin and grandparents.

Mistake # 1

Go back to your childhood. We were allowed to walk themselves to school and back, we were released into the yard to walk alone and even allowed to go to each other's homes. Now just hear: "Oh, such a dangerous time!". And 12-year-old guy who is already above mom's head, she meets after school in the sports section. We don't allow children to experience risk although psychologists believe that it is wrong. Not having fought with the boys in the yard, not falling out of a tree and Bicycle in adult life the person often suffers all kinds of phobias and complexes. The kid has to get some experience and experience it to understand — in a skinned knee, nothing serious.

5 ошибок в воспитании детей

Let the child get their experience боли

Mistake # 2

We rush to the rescue too quickly, solving a child's problems with teachers and even peers. Due to concerns over children can not find a way out of difficult situations. But what happens when he grows up? Mom is not able to resolve the conflict with a "bad" boss or uncooperative girl. We are growing them unsuitable for adult life, bringing up the "losers" who avoid difficult conversations.

5 ошибок в воспитании детей

Do not interfere in baby ссоры

Mistake # 3

Children, of course, should be praised, and sometimes even to indulge, but don't overpraise. "He's talented, he's brilliant, he's not like all", so many parents strive to raise the self-esteem of your child. Only if you managed to infect your son or daughter with arrogance, then eventually they will find that "special" they think only mom and dad. The rest of the people present to him the same requirements as other. And most of all, zakalennye children, at some point, lose in comparison with their classmates. Eventually grows a person who believes the whole world is unfair to him.

5 ошибок в воспитании детей

Gifts should be заслуженными

Mistake # 4

In many families there is a taboo on talking about the past. In the end, the child does not know who his ancestors, what they were doing. Tribal trouble for him remain a mystery, and parents are trying to appear saintly persons who in his life never made a mistake. If you're not sharing their negative experiences, you will be able to raise a neurotic, suffering from feelings of guilt towards loved ones for their imperfection.

5 ошибок в воспитании детей

Do not put yourself on пьедестал

Mistake # 5

The English proverb says: "educate the children, they will still like you. Educate yourself." If dad smokes like a chimney, and grandfather does not release the cigarettes from the hands, do not be surprised that your son would like to try Smoking. And ban there to no avail. Parents should be an example of what you want to achieve from the child, to teach by example, not words.

5 ошибок в воспитании детей

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