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Why young mothers annoy you

They are already among us. Yazhemateri — who he is and what threatens their distribution will tell

We will focus on those most women, which is popularly referred to agemate and that any misconduct of his child say, "This is child".

And no, you don't have to be childfree to resent the behavior of some women.

We are all active users of social networks, and you've probably heard the discussions of these women. They dedicate the whole community, where they discuss meeting with representatives of this category. First, they were treated leniently, with a touch of irony, they say, well, I think, said something stupid. Now, however, agemate — offensive term.

Even those who initially defended the "poor women", began to be indignant because of the lawlessness, which they occasionally inflict. We decided to find out what the problem is and why yazhemateri annoying.

Почему молодые мамы вас раздражают

If their somewhere not allowed, they will be samitto:

Children in such a mother is unlikely to grow helpful people

Probably everyone in life has happened such a story: riding the bus, tired after a hard working day. You hold on to the handrail, and below you sits a mother with a student, quite an adult. And no, the mother will not be asked to give place neither you nor anyone else. Or grandmothers with grandchildren who are unable to sit still, but grandma put them hard just to not got you.

And then we wonder why so many men not respecting women. You yourself raise them.

Почему молодые мамы вас раздражают

They do not pay the necessary attention to your maleswhat:

They all have

Did you know that in some parks it is possible to pass toll free, if you carry the child in the stroller? This fact does not satisfy the moms who don't want to drag a stroller, zealously defending their right to go free to the Park, proving the rightness of the guard of this Park.

Back to the social networks. In thematic groups, you will find an incredible collection of screenshots correspondence aromatheray with sellers of used things. It's hard to believe that this was written by a real person. If you have no online pages, will tell you: women under the pretext of having many children aggressively trying to bring down the price of a particular commodity, and most of them want to get a thing for free. But the sellers are not timid, so the reading is very entertaining — you and a few days is not enough to master everything.

Their child no restrictions

It's just a classic. In planes, trains, buses their children are not considered with the rest of the passengers to kicking the back of the chair — please scream and run around the cabin — for God's sake. Mother won't say a word.

We're not talking about cases where the child is really bad, we are talking about situations where the mother does not have nothing to do with a bored child. It is possible to advise only one thing: take care of child themselves until they are engaged by others.

They discourage the desire to give gifts

Another case from life: a child running around the Playground, and his mother at this time sitting in the phone, not paying any attention to the baby. Then he picks the flower and runs to give his mother, but instead to rejoice and hug her son, she begins to scold him for the entire Park, stating that the flowers tear badly.

It may seem that it is a trifle, but such trifles in the future, and develops the character of the future men, and in General any person, regardless of gender.

Почему молодые мамы вас раздражают

To agemate will always find something better to do with reencontro:

And these parents are becoming more, they no decree, but such a total disregard of the rules is unlikely to have a positive impact on the formation of the personality of the child.

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