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My first teacher: what to do if your child has a conflict with an adult

The school is constantly having misunderstandings between teachers and their wards, will tell you what to do and when to intervene

In the relationship between teacher and student often, there are misunderstandings, and for good reason: imagine you have to organize a group of 30 children, hold their attention and teach the lesson. The lesson challenging and not for the faint of heart. It is not surprising that the teacher's hard to pay attention all at once, but if we are talking about younger students, the task becomes much more complicated.

What to do if the conflict happened? Let's face it.

Do I need to intervene

Probably the most frequently asked question psychologists parents. In fact, a lot depends on the situation, how old the child is and how he feels about her.

There are parents who believe the child is in high school should solve their problems, thereby developing independence. In General, this is correct, but only until the child will turn to you for help. If he is guilty in a conflict situation, it is better just to give advice, namely to go and apologize to the teacher. However, if there is a dislike from the teacher, which results in unfounded criticism and low ratings, parents need to intervene.

Учительница первая моя: что делать, если у ребенка конфликт со взрослым

talk with reencontro:

Understand the situation

Say you decided to intervene still is, in this case, it is important to find out the cause of the conflict instead to blame teachers. Also do not just blame the child: listen to both sides of the conflict, remember that you can always negotiate, if the person behaves normally and adequately. Try not to raise your voice, talk calmly, with scandal, you will achieve nothing but the response of aggression.

Dialogue with the teacher

It is important to understand that you are not going to blame the teacher post so your goal is to understand what is happening.

Judge for yourself, an angry parent is not well suited to the role of the interlocutor and hardly you can negotiate with him about anything.

Therefore, even before the meeting, set a plan: you come listen to the opinion of teachers on the question you are interested, then compare with the version of the child and in the end to draw conclusions.

Учительница первая моя: что делать, если у ребенка конфликт со взрослым

teachers difficult to cope with so many Decapoda:

What if the fault lies with the teacher

No need to run to the Director and to demand the immediate dismissal objectionable to you teacher. Go directly to the teacher, sit down at a table and try to find a compromise. Any teacher hard to admit that it is difficult to establish contact with the student, because it was his duty, and this conflict only underscores his incompetence. Explain that you do not doubt his professionalism, but don't want to this situation happen again. Of course, not the fact that the teacher apologized publicly: it's complicated. In this situation, talk to your child and say that every person makes mistakes. It is important that the child has not lost the respect for the teacher,

And if you blame the child

In this case you also have a serious conversation, but this time in your own child. It is important to tell the child to those moments in which he behaved incorrectly, tell us what to do in such situations, the conflict is not repeated.

Encourage the child apologized to the teacher, not necessarily to do it at all, even better if the child comes to an adult after class and admits his guilt, asking for forgiveness.

Учительница первая моя: что делать, если у ребенка конфликт со взрослым

try to find a compromise with whiteliste:

However, children are very stubborn and not always willing to do so, as they say the older, even if they understand that the problem mostly arose because of them. Here it remains to make sure that the conflict has not acquired large scale. However, if the situation is guilty all the same child, sooner or later, the offense itself will run out, even if the student teacher will not be able to reconcile.

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