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How to teach a kid not to be afraid of the dentist

The trip to the clinic with the child, can be a challenge for your child and for you. Tigran Grigoryan, a dentist in General practice, give advice to the reception was held as easy as possible for all participants

Not all children like to be treated, a fear even pediatricians, not to mention the nurse who takes from the finger blood. So the best option: how to motivate your child not to hide from him what you want with him to visit the dentist. Be sure to talk the situation over. For example: "We with you have not checked our teeth. Let's go and check!". If you notice some problem, you should not panic and to talk about how to drill teeth. On this and many other better to tell the specialist.

Как научить малыша не бояться зубного врача

Tigran Gregoriandate: materials of press-services

Ideally, we should make sure that the child was not afraid of the dentist: this can be achieved only one proven way — regular visits to the dentist. You can play dentist at home, to treat the teeth with toys and watch a cartoon about the bird Tari, which helped a crocodile to get rid of a toothache. But don't forget that the cartoon and toys are at home, where there is you and everything is safe. And the doctor's office in the clinic is stressful. How to overcome it? Only empirically.

The child is not afraid to treat teeth, beside him must be you. And in the doctor's office toys, soothing atmosphere, preferably TV and always pleasant in all respects the doctor in a cheerful cap and uniform, which is better than any mother can reassure the child sitting in the dental chair. A good doctor will always find approach to the child.

Как научить малыша не бояться зубного врача

calmly explain to your child why you need to clean subitto:

First checkups at the dentist is not only the conclusion that the mouth sanitized. This acquaintance with the profession, so the result is the baby you also need to ensure that he understood: this account interesting — there are all sorts of different things, for example, points in which cartoon show, mixed fruit solutions for rinsing the mouth, the fillings of all colors, cool tech, buttons of all sorts. And the doctor needs to take you on a tour, everything in the world to show and tell so baby understand it — this man can be trusted. Important is the personal contact and interest in each other. Then there would be no fear and negativity.

His acquaintance with a young patient it is possible to start with the words: "hi! How's it going? Know what I want to show you...". And not: "You are on the 12.40? Come into the office. What are your complaints?". And in conclusion: "Mom, wait outside!". This formal approach coupled with an unfamiliar office, and the strict doctor is concerned the baby.

Как научить малыша не бояться зубного врача

do not intimidate the child, it is better to say how important it is to visit stomatologie:

What to do if the baby cries?

All depends on the situation. If the child is crying because he has a sore tooth, you have to go. If he's crying because he feels fear, and knows what a dentist, try to explain to him that you will go to another place, where no one gets hurt, and you're there. If we are talking about a preventive examination, then there is nothing to fear. Most importantly, never lie baby: don't say "we only test" if treatment is required. If there is some problem that needs fixing, tell me about it. And be careful in choosing a clinic when the child is small, it is important to approach a doctor to him was appropriate.

Don't forget to demonstrate by personal example the importance of caring for dental health. You can comment on their actions — to explain why we need dental floss, making oral irrigator, why is it sometimes necessary to use. Explain to the kid how to properly clean and watch out for that, as does your child, how thoroughly it gets rid of plaque and infection do not be lazy and be present during this process or check after the fact — the child in 2-4 years is not able to do it right a priori. And proper care of oral hygiene is the best prevention of any dental problems.

What to do:

If the child does not want to go to the doctor, and the situation is not "breath-taking" — don't, don't insist, don't push. Look for the words that you will find his response. Do not scold, do not hurt and do not humiliate the child. He needs to trust you!

Ask yourself: if you are afraid of the dentist, what emotions should test your child? Children are very quick to read our emotions. So get rid of your fears or charge hike with your child to the dentist to someone more brave relatives.

Don't threaten the child! "Don't you brush your teeth — take them to the dentist!" — that one phrase is enough to understand: THERE is nothing good does not Shine...

The appointment with the dentist for the child — stress. So they behave calmly, do not be nervous. Try all kind to demonstrate the ordinariness of this activity — do not exaggerate, do not make a trip to the dentist — global event. If your child sees that you are behaving appropriately, then he is to worry is not necessary. Once again, the correct choice of doctor and clinic is already half the battle.

Как научить малыша не бояться зубного врача

set a good, primefoto:

With all children it is possible to find a common language is advice for dentists.

Dear mom and dad, respect your little ones! Brush your teeth regularly, do not bully their visits to the doctor, often cites on preventive examinations, motivate them after trips to the dentist for some good deals, and all you get! The more and earlier you together with your child will start to visit the dental clinic (without threats, yelling and swearing), the calmer they will perceive this situation. Encourage your child to monitor the health of the mouth at home, use floss, and an irrigator, download tablet to him in a special program that shows how to brush the teeth, buy a fun timer that will report the time that the process is complete, and it will grow with a conscious understanding of how important this is. And if so be that their teeth are there are any problems, he will know subconsciously that they should be treated, and not to run. It all starts small: in this case, with the care of milk teeth. Concern is a responsible attitude, but it just motivates to deal with problems: for example, to go to the dentist.

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