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Private or public — which school to send their children - Children - talk about the pros and cons of both types and help you make a final decision

Ksenia Парфенова14 Feb 2019 17:1740640

Частная или государственная — в какую школу отдать ребенка - Дети -

we suggest that the final choice for amitto:

Half a century ago people would not think about where will learn their child. There were schools of General and in-depth training, but they all belonged to the state. Now part of the educational niches occupied private schools, in which children learn to other than "normal" schools conditions. If you only think about which school will be the future first-grader, we invite you to learn about the advantages and disadvantages of each type.

Public school


  • The training is free. No wonder the full name of the educational institutions is the word "budget" — school work at the expense of the budget is formed from taxes. Tuition at the school are not entitled to charge — in which case feel free to contact the law enforcement.
  • Classes scheduled for approximately 25-30 people. For some parents this will be an advantage to others a disadvantage, all individually. Training in a large group has a positive impact on communicative skills and ability to resolve conflicts — without them can not do. Also for its development will be useful lessons in groups the children work together to write reports, perform work in visual art, singing and dancing.
  • Close to home. The children are distributed to schools according to place of residence. If you heard good reviews about the school, which is located a few kilometers from the place of permanent residence, then you are unlikely to be able to identify her child. The close location of the institution to house certain advantages — the child will be able to come home from school alone, to go back, if you forgot your notebook or textbooks.

Частная или государственная — в какую школу отдать ребенка - Дети -

public schools have their pros and minesite:


  • It is unknown who will be the classmates of the child. If private schools cater to children from wealthy families, the public is taught to all. If a child in the class will study the children of parents who lead an unhealthy lifestyle, chances are they will carry the family habits in the General environment.
  • The lack of an individual approach. It is impossible for a standard× 45-minute lesson to give time to each student. Teachers in secondary schools a big load, so they quickly tire and are provided for educational standards of the program.
  • At the section, you need to walk separately. If you plan to, in addition to the study, the child engaged in favorite hobby — dancing, singing, painting or sports, you have to take them out of the school building.

Private school


  • Individual approach. During the lesson, the teacher pays attention to each child ensures that it has not engaged in foreign Affairs, it was time for the educational process. The class is usually a friendly atmosphere, the adaptation period, the children are usually well.
  • Professional teaching staff. In private schools especially carefully selected teachers — they are sure to be the highest category, a lot of courses and quite possibly a degree. This is due to the fact that the leadership pay schools care about maintaining the reputation of the institution.
  • Small team — in a class of 10-15 people. Children whose parents can afford to pay for the child's education, grow up in affluent families. Their parents care about the child growing cultural and striving to achieve heights. In such an environment will motivate the student to receive knowledge, rather than spending time in social networks in the classroom.
  • A plurality of sections and extra classes. If you are busy and cannot transport the child across town from school to the clubs, then enroll in a private school would be the best option. A standard list of activities — foreign languages, swimming, football, volleyball, basketball and optional courses on General subjects.

Частная или государственная — в какую школу отдать ребенка - Дети -

advantages and disadvantages there are also private, califato:


  • Paid training. Not everyone can afford to pay 300-600 thousand a year for tuition at a private school. Unfortunately, this is only available to people with incomes above the average. However, if you plan to further your child's education abroad and exam scores you are not important, then a private school will be able to give him an individual training plan.
  • Is far away from home. In smaller towns, usually one or two private schools, in big cities much more. Most likely, you will have to carry the child to school if you live far from the city centre. You need to ensure that the child is able to safely get to school and take it yourself to the services of a driver or taxi, or you can request the help of grandparents.
  • High admission requirements. The number of available seats in private schools is limited, so the user is forced to spend an additional knowledge test for applicants to first grade testing not only General knowledge about the world, but also to test the imagination, logic and intelligence of the child. To enroll in some schools, you will need to learn English from the cradle — the lessons are conducted in a foreign language.

In the midst of the time of submission of documents for admission to the first class. If you expect that the child study in a good school and easily adapted to it, that should take care of that right now.


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