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Separate sleep — teach your baby to sleep in his room - Psychology -

Some parents for a long time could not move the baby into a separate bed — he resisted, not wanting to separate from mom. Psychologists advise to wean from a joint dream gradually

Ksenia Парфенова28 Feb 2019 19:4854910

Раздельный сон — приучаем ребенка спать в своей комнате - Психология -

sooner or later every child has to "move out"Photo:

Sleeping together or separately — a separate topic for conversation. Each family decides for themselves which option is more convenient for them. But what about those who have long slept side by side with the child, and now wants to "upgrade" it to a separate bed? Give some effective tips.

To select a child bed

It is best to start with the involvement of the child — offer to buy that bed that he likes. Of course, we do not advise to choose the bed in the shape of cars or Princess castle, but if financial capabilities allow, why not? If you order a custom design, the child will be doubly happy — children usually love the creative process. Then buy bed linen with their favorite cartoon characters, animals or superheroes.

Talk to the baby

Psychologists advise to prepare your child for sleep in a separate room, or he might be scared to Wake up in the middle of the night and cry. Explain that you are always there, and he can come to you at any moment. The first time don't lock the door at night and come to see the child to make sure that his sleep is peaceful and deep. Do not offer to sleep with a nightlight — the baby will get used to the light, then it will be difficult to rebuild it on a new regime. But remember the old assistant radioname. Put it next to the bed to avoid getting up at night to check the child's sleep.

Раздельный сон — приучаем ребенка спать в своей комнате - Психология -

to wean the child needs, postepennoe:

Say he's independent

Focus is not on what the child suddenly became big and have to sleep separately. It is better to explain to him that he is independent and can make decisions about your life — you choose the color of the Wallpaper in my room, put my pajamas on and off a night light before going to bed. And to say it should be seriously and tenderly at the same time, then the kid will understand that you treat him like an adult and respect his thoughts. Usually at the age of 3-4 years old children already understand and need their own area with their orders, so the transition to independent sleep should work without any problems.

First time sleeping together

At first you shouldn't leave your child alone in the room. First night spend with him, the following — go to your bed in the morning. The process should not last more than a week — during this time the child will get used to the new conditions, and you will not have time to get tired from lack of sleep. Ask him to take the bed favorite stuffed toy with her, he would feel more comfortable. Should also buy dark curtains, because in the dark the sleep hormone melatonin is produced much faster and the baby will fall asleep in minutes.

Put dad in the process

Usually children find it hard to sleep one, because no mom that they used to hold hands during sleep. If the child has an equally good relationship with your parents, you should first turn, and then only to dad to read baby books before going to sleep and be with him until he fell asleep. So the child will not act up to get mom to lie down with him. Gradually the father's presence, you can replace sleep with a toy, but we don't suggest to abandon the usual evening rituals is an important moment of intimacy with parents who need him, especially at a tender age.

Раздельный сон — приучаем ребенка спать в своей комнате - Психология -

create special rituals in front of comfoto:


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