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"I am!" — what to do if the child does not want to listen to - Psychology -

The advice of psychologists in the fight with the stubborn nature of the baby

Ksenia Парфенова5 March 2019 14:5531950

«Я сам!» — что делать, если ребенок не хочет слушаться - Психология -

even the most capricious child, you can find podhodiat:

Sometimes it is difficult for parents to cope with a loved child. The child does not want not only to fulfill the requests of the parents, but even to listen to them. Some of this is due to age crisis, others this situation is repeated on a regular basis. Psychologists advise to attend to the problem as early as possible to be able to affect the nature of the kid until later.

Attention to the words

The child should listen to you and fulfill the request. If, for example, watching cartoons, call him and explain that you need to talk to him. Start a conversation only when attention will be focused on you. Speak confidently and always fulfill their promises, even a relatively "punishing" measures. If you told a child that he doesn't get sweet until you learn to clean up toys and then offer him a piece of candy, do not be surprised that soon the child will no longer take your words seriously.

«Я сам!» — что делать, если ребенок не хочет слушаться - Психология -

the child must obey, pasfoto:

Never raise your voice — cry only scares the child and makes the nervous system to ignore the words, causing a reaction in the form of tears. Speak calmly and respectfully: "Vanya, please pick up your toys". Repeat the request several times, explaining why the child must do this: "my dad and you may stumble over scattered cars and fall or painful to prick with sharp details".

Praise for obedience

Many children need acknowledgement of their good behavior. Let the child feels that his help is needed you. Give thanks for good deeds — tell him "thank you" praise when members of the family. Can have a small calendar with stickers to celebrate good deeds — helped mother to unpack your bag with food, toys laid out on the ground, independently on homework and stuff. Invite the child to glue the stickers, I'm sure he'll love it. Encourage him or her to help with trips to the cinema, zoo and purchase toys. Not suggest to motivate your child sweets or permit a breach of discipline, for example, the game computer for more than an hour a day — it will only spoil it.

Steps to establish control

Psychologists believe that there are eight steps on the way to accustom the child to obey. The first starts from birth to approximately 2 years of age: you teach the child basic skills, knowledge about the world and ask for skills. For example, the child learned to say "woof-woof". You ask him, "what saith the dog?". He is responsible, and therefore satisfies your request. With older children the technique is different — you get first action step. He always eats bread with the soup? At the table say: "Dima, take a piece of bread."

«Я сам!» — что делать, если ребенок не хочет слушаться - Психология -

a few steps will help to stop capristo:

The next steps are to teach to come when you call him, to agree in advance to be able to manage their emotions, understanding "good" and "bad" control over their behavior, performing simple duties and autonomy. The last stage usually occurs in adolescence. First, the child need your tips and help, and then he begins to cope with seemingly complex tasks — independently to enroll to the doctor and go to an appointment or going to see grandma and help dig the potatoes.

Be the child's friend

Smart and loving parents would never wish the kid bad and does not require it prevented children understand this, especially in the age of reason. When parents communicate with them as equals, and conflicts are avoided. Of course, all children have moods and failures that cause them to become angry at everyone around and become harmful, however they end. Be encouragement and support for the child, then he will understand that I must act the same way towards you. Keep his desire to become an adult and independent, and do not limit the control of himself — it's his life, not yours, so respect their wishes and interests.

«Я сам!» — что делать, если ребенок не хочет слушаться - Психология -

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