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5 signs that you are ready for motherhood - Psychology -

Not always the desire to have children is rational. Many women simply do not realize all the responsibility for a new little life. will tell you what you need to consider future parents

Maria Блавацкая6 March 2019 15:3240890

5 признаков того, что вы готовы к материнству - Психология -

are you ready for motherhood?Photo:

You live in peace, and suddenly you realize: it's time to have a baby. No, it does not happen. Even if you are increasingly thinking about procreation, it does not mean that it is time to expand the family. However, experts insist that there are certain signs that will give the answer to the question, it's time or not.

A strong relationship

May sound corny, but the child should have two parents. Whatever may be said of a single mother and various "experts" on behalf of all women in the world — a complete person can Mature only in the family. Of course, there are different circumstances why the child remains with one parent, we are talking about situations where women selfish giving birth for yourself, or any other situation which depends solely on women. This is especially difficult for boys who, as it happens in broken families, growing up surrounded by women. They see no authority, a man should be. It remains to explore the world of men outside of the house that lays an imprint on the psyche of the child.

So if you live alone or are on the verge of a break with your partner, think twice whether you want to complicate the life of his child at least until school is out will get the question: "where is your father?"

5 признаков того, что вы готовы к материнству - Психология -

after birth, the child will remain with you for the rest of infoto:

The lack of goals of any unreasonable demands to the child

The decision to have a child should be adopted based on the desires of both partners, and not as a result of the pressure of others or of the second partner. If you use the child as a means of manipulation, a way of dressing or going into labor with the goal to provide a free maid in old age, you better abandon this idea. The child in the womb feels welcome or not. Ultimately, no one will be happy from this outcome — neither you nor your future son or daughter.

The lifestyle change

Oddly enough, but not everyone understands what a great responsibility rests on the shoulders of parents. The child can not return or give it away if he started to interrupt. You bring to light a new person who will stay with you for life, or at least will always remind myself.

Obviously, the people who are not quite right and sometimes dangerous way of life, will have to reconsider values and to set new priorities.

You need to be prepared that the baby is your and your partner's life will change radically. The first few years you are completely devote yourself to the care of the child, and then will nurture it for a very long time. Your interests will go by the wayside, not everyone is willing to put up with this turn of events.

5 признаков того, что вы готовы к материнству - Психология -

consider whether you provide it, nordette:

Financial viability

Probably one of the most important points. Many of them are neglected, and very vain. The child is one of the most costly moments in family life. Are you ready to give the lion's share of the budget to the needs of the baby. Care in the first years of life, various mugs, sections, preparatory classes, school, training Institute, etc. Really not going to talk about basic needs in the form of food, clothing and comfort.

5 признаков того, что вы готовы к материнству - Психология -

if you are in constant stress, will solve this problem to beremenostyu:

Sustainable mental state of the parents

In particular this applies to the mother because her child is associated from the beginning to the very end of her life. In the process of development of the embryo is laid the basic functions and the developing nervous system of the fetus. What will it be, depends on the condition of the mother. You may have noticed on the streets hysterically screaming children and not lagging behind mom. It is clear that women with mental disorders is unlikely to be born completely quiet child.

If you are in a state of temporary stress, it is better to postpone the pregnancy until the best times.


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