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How not to respond to baby tears - Psychology -

Parents, especially young ones, are often afraid of the tantrums of your own kids, and therefore only worsen the situation by shouts and threats. will help to understand the delicate psyche of a child

Maria Блавацкая12 March 2019 15:0621320

Как не нужно реагировать на детские слезы - Психология -

children's psyche is very neustoichivogo:

Even if you have several children, it is always difficult to respond to children's tears. For many parents, they cause negative emotions, because of what they are going to yell and scream, and this only contributes to the hysteria of the child. So how do you do? The issue is quite complicated, but we will try to answer it.

Determine the reason why the baby cries

Understand that children's psyche is very fragile, but because any slight from the point of view of an adult event, the child may react impulsively. Only when he becomes an adult, it will be easier to cope with the scrapes that seemed catastrophic. Yet he can not cope with a conflict situation in any other way besides crying.

Как не нужно реагировать на детские слезы - Психология -

hug, rebenito:

Tears help to relax even for an adult body. Realizing the similarity of the processes, the parent is easier to understand why the child behaves this way. If he cries, then, is experiencing serious tension, which can not cope any other way.

Not aggravate the situation

Mom needs to remain calm in a situation when a child suddenly starts to act up. Many parents feel ashamed if their child does not listen in a public place, from impotence a young mom or dad breaks into a scream, and then the situation takes on horrifying dimensions. So take a deep breath, if possible, go to the next room, "wait out" their emotions and then return to calm the baby.

Как не нужно реагировать на детские слезы - Психология -

try switching it vnimaniem:

Do not turn of the child

Sending a child to their room, you do not solve the problem. On the contrary, the child will feel a sense of uselessness, and this is not conducive to comfort. When the children are older, he will not allow parents to interfere in his life, because he himself was once suspended.

Instead of trying to distance itself from children's tears and take part in his problem. Just hug the child, not necessarily something to say, so a hug will have to understand the little creature that it is not ignored.

Speak softer

Trying to soothe the baby and say in a subdued voice without the dramatic intonations. Demand nothing: the child is not required to stop crying at your request, he just can't do it. Try to talk to baby, ask, what, in his opinion, happened and what he would want. Let them know that you understand his condition and not condemn.

If the crying is caused by trauma, it is not necessary to immediately begin to treat the wound with antiseptics, first, reassure the child, then proceed to the procedure.

Как не нужно реагировать на детские слезы - Психология -

do not leave your child alone with their problemette:

Distract the child

Try to apply this technique: if the child is crying and still can not stop, try to start a conversation about how he sees a way out of the situation. However, there are times when the baby just needs to cry, then give him time.

Forbid not to cry

Crying is a natural reaction to stress. It helps the body to cope with stress. As you know, to prevent, respond to stimuli, that's right — it is impossible, accept the child's reaction as a fact and don't make the child feel guilty.

Men also cry

"Little men" also have the right to feelings. Incorrect behavior of mothers to say that "man never cries". Trying to negate the tears son, you just drive it into the complexes, forcing all emotion to keep it to myself, which is extremely negative impact on the psyche of the growing organism.


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