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15 fun activities to strengthen family ties - Psychology -

Than to captivate all the family members with the aim to have fun and get to know each other better?

Ksenia Парфенова13 March 2019 12:5117490

15 забавных занятий, чтобы укрепить семейные узы - Психология -

spend time, westiepoo:

The first thing we remember looking through photos from my childhood — the happy moments spent with parents. In order for your child to have survived as many pleasant memories, not only must devote a lot of time, but also to try to diversify leisure. Tell about interesting things that will entice both children and adults.

Board games

In the era of smartphones and gaming consoles, modern children might not know about the existence of alternative games. Invite them to play Monopoly, the Imaginarium or the usual checkers and chess. These games develop imagination, help to accelerate the thinking process and have some fun.


The time spent in the fresh air, will be remembered by your children. Get out into nature, taking along snacks, meats and fresh fruits and vegetables. Prepare food on the grill together with the children, and after dinner play a game of badminton or volleyball.


Of course, the animal is not fun, first and foremost a responsibility, but imagine how much pleasure you will give the baby play with kitten! The mere observation of clumsy lovely creation will make you smile.

15 забавных занятий, чтобы укрепить семейные узы - Психология -

pet will become your dragonface:


To instill in your child the habit of reading is an important task for adults. To imaginary worlds lured baby, you should try to read all together, raspredelitel roles. Let each of the participants in the process will be as emotional and expressive, to deliver the pleasure of others to listen to him.


Gather in the forest leaves, pine cones, dried flowers — this can make a wonderful applique on a piece of cardboard or animal figures. Develop fine motor skills and imagination! Origami, ikebana, painting, crafts from clay and more — creative arts, so many that everyone can find something for everyone.

Divide the child's hobby

If your little one loves to dance, try to repeat the movement. Most likely, the first time you will not be able to do them technically, but the child will have a great time watching his dad or mom awkwardly danced under cheerful music.

15 забавных занятий, чтобы укрепить семейные узы - Психология -

let the child teach you, novamute:

Movie night

Who in the childhood did not dream to break the mode and go to sleep with dawn? Give the child a small celebration, inviting all night to watch his favorite movies, eating popcorn. The kid will probably be happy and will agree to the proposal.


So many organizations need help in various cases: to collect garbage along the river before the swimming season to clear the woods from branches, prepare food for animals at the shelter. Good things will develop in the child a sense of compassion and make a difference — pay attention to this.


Select the recipe of a cake or cakes with ingredients that loves the child, and invite him to prepare the sweetness of the whole family. This activity is so fascinating and useful that the little one will certainly ask you to arrange these lessons every weekend.

The hut

Remember how in childhood you were building a hut, covering it with a blanket a table or chairs. If your child has ever done this, it's time to surprise him! Bring in a makeshift tent, a flashlight, toys and tasty snacks and climb in there with the whole family. Fun guaranteed!

A little trip

Sometimes it is useful not only to fly on holiday abroad, but also to explore the area. Close to every major city there is a small but very interesting attractions — parks, museums, farms, nature reserves and so on. Such "shaking" on the weekend will change the usual routine and give lots of positive emotions.

Dinner party

Select a child menu in the evening and have them come up with interesting activities for the entire family — contests, jokes, songs and dances. Dress on holiday, and spend the dinner is different from a typical day. If you cook yourself, no strength, order in food or go to the nearest restaurant.

15 забавных занятий, чтобы укрепить семейные узы - Психология -

cooking with others will strengthen, otnosheniyami:

Master class

To diversify the weekend by visiting lessons — learn new skills. For example, go to a master class in drawing or lesson on singing with your child. It is possible that he will discover a new talent.

Photo album

Now we store pictures in the phone memory, but just half a century ago, printed them with love and signed it the date and event. Preserve the memory of important days in a tangible format, print the photos and put in album. Let the child help you to sign every photo and decorate it with stickers and drawings.

15 забавных занятий, чтобы укрепить семейные узы - Психология -

decorate fotoalbumet:


It's time to think about growing seedlings. Buy a pot, soil, fertilizer and seeds — it is better to begin with flowers and greenery. Help your child plant them in the ground and watch as your eyes a brand new life.


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