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How to work with the child on hands: effective time management - Psychology - gives practical tips for family life and personal success do not interfere with each other

Ksenia Парфенова18 March 2019 11:4711340

Как работать с ребенком на руках: эффективная организация времени - Психология -

maternity leave and work compatible, no matter what, govorite:

The concept "women's happiness" is gradually eroding now, not every girl sees the joy in motherhood, preferring the career. But what about those who want to catch it — to give birth and raise children without sacrificing the position? We offer you to consider our recommendations, they will help you to continue to move up, to have a steady income and to see a family not just before bedtime.

Remote work

Increasingly, the executives agree to provide employees the opportunity to work outside of the office. Because, really, the result is important, not the method of execution of duties. If you are doing advertising, writing, consulting business or any other business that doesn't require your constant presence in the office, try to negotiate with the chief about the possibility of at least part of the day to work from home. Knowing you as a reliable and Executive person, it can agree to new terms. You will get a few "free" hours doing household chores and activities with the child.

Как работать с ребенком на руках: эффективная организация времени - Психология -

laptop and phone - that's enough for rabotite:

Work from home

Unlike remote work, here you are tied to the place — his house, which in combination will fulfill the role of office. If you are a master at the treatments like a manicure or hairdressing, accountant, lawyer or tutor in a foreign language, then nothing prevents you to organize the work within his apartment to put a Desk and laptop to make area for work is the manicure table or massage bed. So you won't waste time on the road, save on rent and will find new customers at the expense of relatively low prices for services. It is particularly convenient to work this way private people constant communication within the team tiring.

Irregular schedule

Another option is not to refuse to work after the birth of the child — set the custom schedule to share the responsibility for the care of the baby with her husband and closest relatives. For example, you can start working day from 7-8 am is the standard for big cities 10-11 hours. Or, conversely, to work from lunch until midnight, to be able to stay with your child in the morning when the husband will be in a hurry to get ready for work. Another option — shift work day after day or on a different schedule. Do not hesitate to ask the help of relatives — parents retired, probably happy to spend time with her grandson, to give you the ability to switch focus on another thing.

Как работать с ребенком на руках: эффективная организация времени - Психология -

if you change the chart you will have time to rebenito:


Why not organise a small group while you are on maternity leave? Now to execute documents and to start business is not as difficult as it seems — it will take you no more than a month. But it will be able not only to reside together with the child and find him for games, but also earn a lot of money — parents are eager to use the services of private kindergartens. Private groups are cheaper in kindergarten, so working in the office young parents will be delighted to save money and my baby a reliable person. At first it will be difficult to develop due to lack of trust, but with time everything will work out.

Motherhood only temporarily limits your ability to move up the career ladder. Any difficulty can be solved — it is necessary to try and creative approach to the process. It is possible that the birth of a child will inspire you to change activities. Sometimes the work that starts as a hobby becomes a matter of life. Try and have no fear — you will succeed!


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