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Reasonable spending on children: how not to go broke - Psychology -

The appearance of the baby means a lot of shopping — especially at first. will tell you how to save the family purse

Maria Блавацкая19 March 2019 16:2517250

Разумные траты на детей: как не разориться - Психология -

the child is a big responsibility and echoditto:

Children is quite a costly budget item. If you have your first child, you still don't know what expenses await you. Not to be ruined in the first month of baby's life, think, is it reasonable to your purchase.

You do not need things for the future

The child grows very fast, you simply will not have time to wear all the things, especially if they are the same size. We often confuse discounts: marketers are forcing us to buy more and more, and many of these things we do not need.

Some parents buy things for six months or a year ahead, but there is often much wrong with the size, because nobody knows how to grow your baby.

Разумные траты на детей: как не разориться - Психология -

many things can be exchanged for special sitofono:

Do not take things at a discount

Shops of children's clothes often hold quite generous at first glance, the action. You think you have acquired the thing insanely profitable, but in fact you purchased something that was not you need. Agree, two of the jacket for one year old baby in the middle of summer, even with the discount, it is a dubious purchase.

Buying only then is best, when you were going to buy this thing, in other cases it is better to abstain.

If you really need this thing?

Yes, we know how nice things are sold in the children's Department — very difficult to pass. We are talking about little things at astronomical prices, for example, various mats with vibratiion or child seat with the technical bells and whistles.

Blinded by love to the child, parents sometimes go to rash purchases just to pamper the baby and once again to emphasize the status of the parent.

Разумные траты на детей: как не разориться - Психология -

the bike does not have to be from magazinephoto:

Do not pass by b/y stuff

Very profitable to buy something in excellent condition, though not directly from the store. For example, you can look on the website the baby's cradle, which is definitely not useful to you after 3 months. The child is growing, changing its interests and preferences, but do not throw away things on which was spent a large amount of money! So, the bike is"secondary" doesn't always mean something is faulty and bad.

Sell yourself

You can also sell unnecessary things, like they do everywhere. You have a stroller or high chair? Boldly put an ad in the Internet. The same is true of toys and clothes. Only things need to be in very good condition.

Разумные траты на детей: как не разориться - Психология -

children almost instantly grow out of umiditate:

Paid services is not mandatory

The myth that paid services are always better incredibly tenacious. This is especially true in regard to medicine. Most of the analyses if there are no serious deviations can be taken at the place of residence absolutely free.

Of course, you are free to choose, but the difference in the results, virtually no, we can note a more polite treatment from the staff. The advantages of medical care by place of residence, it is possible to attribute an electronic record and reducing queues.


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