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English from the cradle — or not need - Psychology -

It is believed that the earlier you start learning a language, the easier it will sink in. debunks the myths about learning a foreign language

Ksenia Парфенова20 Mar 2019 10:3612520

Английский язык с пеленок — нужен или нет - Психология -

talk about the pros and minesotta:

In Russia every year the number of international companies new corporations decide to enter the market of our country. At the same time there is a growing need for professionals able to work with sources in two or more languages. The more knowledge and education of a child now float freely, the more opportunities he will have. Tell, what can be useful for English and when you need to start learning.

Residents of the UK — the standard of pronunciation

It is customary to divide the English language into two areas — British and American. However, it is not so simple. In the UK alone there are more than 10 accents in English — they differ in intonation, pronunciation, writing words and special phrases. Moreover, the number of carriers a reference RP — "received pronunciation" — decreases with each passing year. However, teachers agree that it is worth learning the British version — it is considered traditional in most countries, so that the child can understand almost any.

Английский язык с пеленок — нужен или нет - Психология -

you need to consider all of fattoretto:

Independent learning — the evil

Parents who have decided to buy a fancy system of training on the cards, it's worth the time to stop. Teachers in one voice advocating for the abandonment of self-study — you can put a child's incorrect pronunciation, which will then be very difficult to fix. Familiar to Russians growling and hissing sounds spoil it: in the end, instead of "the" interdental papillae instead of "CES" turned out as "ze" and so on. If one of the parents was a native English speaker, then learning can begin with the birth of a child — so he will be bilingual and will easily learn the language. However, parents whose pronunciation is far from perfect and is limited to the sentence "London is the capital of the UK", it is better to trust the professionals.

The learning process

In specialized schools, all children before entering the class are tested the possibility of language learning — teachers pronounce words aloud, which children have to repeat; I invite them to assume that means a particular word; asked to memorize and reproduce the words they carried. So what do the experts know what children have the ability to learn quickly. First, the impact on the auditory system include children of record of the foreign language, teach them the sounds and then the alphabet. It helps kids to adjust to another language, don't be afraid of it and realize that to learn English it is possible, it is worth a try.

Английский язык с пеленок — нужен или нет - Психология -

training takes place in several atapulgite:

Depth language learning

At a time when a child learns several languages, its vocabulary increases fast enough, though still limited by the capabilities of the brain. The limbic system of the brain responsible for speech develops gradually. Early language learning a few retards development, since the brain needs to determine the primary language of thinking and speaking. For the bilingual children, according to doctors, there are problems with literacy, the transition from one language to another during the monologue and lack of understanding of certain phrases.

Language schools

Choosing a school for extra classes in Russia, it is better to give preference to one where lessons will alternate between lead academics and native speakers. Thus the child learns not only the grammar, which usually suffers from the carriers, as in speech limited to 2-3 temporary forms, but will learn to understand and reproduce the spoken language. It will be useful to send a child to summer camp abroad is not cheap, but great practice spoken communication. And the child will be in the environment of educated and curious children that have a positive impact on his desire to acquire knowledge.


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