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Why a woman does not want child - Psychology -

The rejection of the possibility of becoming a mother is perceived in our society negatively, but not everyone thinks why this is happening. will give the answer

Maria Блавацкая27 March 2019 14:3460662

Почему женщина не хочет ребенка - Психология -

why do women reject motherhood?Photo:

One of the strongest instincts in the world — the parent. For the safety and survival of their offspring any mother would do anything. In the literal sense. It would seem, resist the natural setting it is difficult, however there are women who hid the desire to have children deep down, and maybe, just did not feel.

If you have no children, whether you expect them or not, society will persistently ask, "Well, when?", like the birth of your baby they will fulfill his earthly mission and calm down. If the reproaches of friends can not respond in case of questions from her husband will have to argue their position. In addition, the husband can connect the next of kin, then you can't deny it: you will have to answer — how and why.

Почему женщина не хочет ребенка - Психология -

even if the pair have enough money for yourself, the costs will be much, balletto:
Psychologists have identified seven main causes of child abandonment. Let's find out what it is.

Unstable financial situation

It is not necessarily about living in poverty, people can get married and to live pretty well, but the child can become a part of the costs, which seriously undermine the budget. This cause is not hopeless: you can always improve their situation through work, climbing the career ladder.

Почему женщина не хочет ребенка - Психология -

fear of childbirth is quite popularmente:

The lack of maternal instinct

Yes, that does happen. Experts estimate that 10% of women instinct is at zero. However, a woman can be a husband, a good relationship with all the relatives and also the woman may well refer to other children. The key word here is "others."


The law of meanness, the height of his career coincided with the most favorable period for the birth of the child. The longer a woman delays the process of conception, the more it becomes a habit, and when she finally decides on procreation, it's getting late in terms of physiology. The output, of course, but the child may receive only by-way, such as through adoption or surrogacy.

Fear of complications

The woman it seems that she's not smart enough to raise a child, to educate him somehow also not desirable, so the woman takes the radical decision to completely abandon the possibility of becoming a mother. This is a false opinion, as no one is born guru in education, and even the people who devoted his life to the study of methods of education, difficulties may arise at some stage.

Почему женщина не хочет ребенка - Психология -

depression needs to be treated regardless of plans to become maaruthi:

Fear of pain

Another 20 % consciously reject motherhood out of fear of childbirth. As the terror engendered by the stories of friends and stories on the forums of women, may develop into a phobia, it is important not to miss the moment and try to explain to the woman that is not so bad, no wonder people give birth to several children and continue to live a full life.

Distrust of the partner

Can a woman live with a man for years, but never have his child. And it can be not only physiological incompatibility, rather, in disbelief. Not many men inspire confidence that they will be good fathers and successors of the family. May he be a great man, husband and partner in life, but being a father is completely different, and not every man is ready to become one. This is what a woman feels, refusing to have a child with this man.

Psychological problems

The abandonment may be associated with internal discomfort. When a person sees the world in shades of gray, afraid to live and generally disappointed in the human race, about what children may be involved? In this situation, you should consult a specialist — and not because he needs to convince you to set them on the path to procreation, but simply because to live in a black and white world, pretty sad, isn't it?


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