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What you need to teach a child to school - Psychology -

Before you send a son or daughter in the first class, make sure that your baby is ready. talk about the main points

Maria Блавацкая21 March 2019 11:5716670

Чему нужно научить ребенка до школы - Психология -

what you need to know the kid before him closes the door to classphoto:

Until a child started first grade, he spends all his time either with your parents or in kindergarten, where, frankly, children are no hard requirements other than the daily routine. But with the arrival of the first class, the situation changes dramatically, and the child is quite difficult to adapt to the new environment. Your task — to help him get through this process as less painful. We picked up a few tips to get your preschooler adapted quicker to the new environment.

Чему нужно научить ребенка до школы - Психология -

the game teaches basic life vesanto:

It is important to play by the rules

From an early age, people learn about life through play. Exactly how well your kids can play, depends for its continued success. Seriously. While playing, children imagine themselves in different situations, live through them, that in the future will gradually move on in a very adult situation. For example, any team games help the child understand how to act in the team, he knows the rules and that you can't break them.

Table and sports games develop logic, speed of thought and physical form, respectively. Works particularly well in this regard, sports games, with strict rules, the violation of which entails the loss of the whole team.

Will learn when the child's birthday

The point is not to proudly state on each step, he had a birthday, and to demand greetings and gifts. No, the idea is more simple — to teach children to navigate in space and time. This will help not only to organize the educational process, but also useful when the class will begin to study the exact Sciences.

To tie the laces

To the question about fine motor skills. You probably know that how well a child's control over her arms depends his speech. So take care of this matter before the school.

Don't be afraid to ask questions

Children always ask questions, however, the older they get, the more I hear from adults "you're a big (-th), it is time to seek the answer yourself". Thus the child has no longer any desire to ask anything, because he is afraid that will not help him. The kid must understand that almost any obstacle can be overcome, just asking.

What is important to understand a child who has gone or is going to go to school in the near future

You do not need to meet all

Class in a normal school usually consists of children of different social status and affluence. Your child will hear, as someone who returned from a trip abroad or how cool the phone was given to him for his birthday. Explain that it does not matter where you spent the holidays, be it Spain or grandma's cottage. The important thing is that he spent them with my family.

Чему нужно научить ребенка до школы - Психология -

may be wrong, cardiette:

Assessment — not the meaning of life

This sin, many parents, especially the young and those who own a child was an excellent student. They are not afraid nor children's tears nor the guidance of the teachers that they are doing, to put it mildly, wrong, and injure the child's psyche.

Such parents can be advised not to overwhelm the child with homework in math, especially if there are achievements in other subjects, to which the child has tendencies.

Let says all

The child should not remain silent if he has any problems with classmates or teachers. Your child should know that you always will support him and stand at his side. Ridicule of his dreams, which he shares with you, or the child will withdraw into themselves and stop trusting you.

Nobody's perfect, not even you

Children, often younger, more pampered and encouraged. In such circumstances, the child feels that the world revolves around him, and not make any emotional effort to respond with gratitude. Don't expect it to assess your "blind" love: you doing worse to themselves and, primarily, the child, as in the future it is necessarily "broken".

Чему нужно научить ребенка до школы - Психология -

assessment - not the meaning of infoto:

Errors not talking about your mental abilities

Children, especially those brought up in an atmosphere of fierce competition (e.g. from an early age, the child participates in various activities, engaged in sports sections, creative Studio, in General, where demand results), losses and failures are Oh so easy. It is a tragedy. And if for an adult this situation signals the need for something to revise in their actions, the child instantly disappointed in myself, because it hoped as many people. With school subjects is similar: once the child gets a reprimand or bad grade, he begins to blame himself too. Again, let them know that you are always ready to help and that there is such a subject which it would be impossible to master.


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