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Scared kids: how to overcome the panic Psychology

Imagine there is a fear, and is quite common among residents of cities. understand the origin of this phobia

Maria Блавацкая29 March 2019 14:2714300

Боюсь детей: как побороть панику - Психология -

how to overcome the fear of delimitato:

It may seem strange, but many adults are afraid of young children. It would seem, hence the fear, because the kid can hardly hurt us. However, it is rather that the person unpleasant the possible problems that can bring a small child. Hence is formed a dislike. And it can happen even with people who have their own children.

How is this phobia?

Fear has its own term — pedophobia. People who are experiencing the same illness, it's hard to come into any contact with the children to communicate, play or raise. Comes to the fact that people are starting to shun dolls resembling young children.

The main problem faced by such people — the inability to start their own family. Moreover, people themselves can be confusing cause of fear: it can be simply uncomfortable to be in the same room with the child.

Even to exchange a few words with the child costs them enormous efforts, and in the end still spoil the mood: the person becomes irritable, he may actually hysterical.

Боюсь детей: как побороть панику - Психология -

even children can drive the person in stressful:

Where the fear originates?

The main reason for pedophobia psychological trauma from childhood. This often happens with people from families with multiple children: parents could give one child more attention than another. Here formed a kind of inferiority. A person thinks that any child — his competitor. Children's psyche is very susceptible to various stresses and stimuli, so any resentment permanently stored in the memory of an adult.

Another option: parents try not to contact with an indignant child to himself not to get a dose of stress, that is avoid the problem. As a result, the child in such a family grows unmanageable, which leads to a further deterioration of relations between children and parents, as well as contributing to the growing fear of children.

Боюсь детей: как побороть панику - Психология -

try to work out the problem with psihologom:

How is manifested the phobia?

If you are not a psychologist, to determine pedophobia quite difficult, we can only guess about this on the following grounds:

the pulse quickens;

- breath;

- the pressure creeps up;

- the head starts to spin;

- tremor of the limbs;

- torpor;

- possible loss of consciousness.

Боюсь детей: как побороть панику - Психология -

children are inherently, absolutely bezobidnost:

What can cause pedophobia?

A woman can keep the baby in the hospital.

The lack of participation in the upbringing of the child.

The person ceases to communicate with friends and acquaintances who have children.

As you know, pedophobia cannot be called normal condition, it leads to various unpleasant situations, and therefore it must be fought together with a psychologist.

How to overcome this fear?

In mild cases it is possible to cope with this fear on your own, however if you feel that the situation is out of control, consult a psychologist. In any case, calm down and try to look at the situation in a different way. Children from time to time — quite harmless creatures. Often they show fear toward adults, so to panic at the sight of the kid's definitely not worth it.


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