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What gives a woman pregnancy - Psychology -

The period of carrying a child can not be called simple, many remember with horror these 9 months, however let me remind you about the advantages that gives this amazing state

Maria Блавацкая22 Mar 2019 08:3751540

Что дает женщине беременность - Психология -

in your state, many of plusfoto:

When you have a baby, you are immersed in caring for the child, and the memories of pregnancy gradually disappear. In such a furious pace it is hard to even take a break.

You intersect with the same moms on the Playground, in the clinic, a dairy kitchen, and all have the same problem: constant sleep deprivation, fatigue, as my husband is at work and the woman has to cope sometimes with not one, not even with two children.

Children is happiness, but more and more young mothers visit a psychologist to deal with emotional burnout, which could face any, especially an inexperienced mommy.

Dealing with the child you completely forget all the positive things that happened during the pregnancy, and someone just planning a baby, so for you, this information will be especially useful if you are wondering.

Что дает женщине беременность - Психология -

today not every woman is able to endure, rebenito:

Gain confidence in yourself

Real confidence is always supported by real achievements, what can be said about overconfidence. Pregnancy and childbirth in our time, become quite problematic for many women, so the fact that you will succeed and go well, should give you faith in yourself and your strength, because you did it!

Long walks

Really not talking about NAPs! You have no idea how many people dream of leisurely pace (in case you are during pregnancy were not working and not studying, all the time devoting yourself).

Hardly a modern man spends a lot of time on the street, not counting pet owners, athletes, runners, cyclists. Almost all the time a normal working person spends in the room: at work, in the store or at home. You also have the opportunity to enjoy long walks in the nearby Park in the company of other expectant mothers or alone.

Stay in the fresh air improves health, complexion. If you are bored just walk, do light exercise in the fresh air.

Что дает женщине беременность - Психология -

one of the main advantages - long progulivali:

Correct posture

And no, not because you are filled with a sense of pride. Belly in the last months of pregnancy becomes very large, which is physically not allow you to bend.

After childbirth, try to keep your back straight while feeding sit in a chair with a high back, place a cushion. Anyway, where ever you are, remember about the back.

Good metabolism

It would seem, that can affect breast-feeding? However, this process requires a lot of energy, your body burns about 500 calories for milk production.

So, maintaining a balanced diet, you will not be difficult to throw a few pounds for a few weeks with virtually no work. It's great! You can pamper yourself with Goodies several times a month, while not worrying about the figure.

Что дает женщине беременность - Психология -

stretching during pregnancy is improved thanks to special Germanotta:


Did you know that during pregnancy produces a special hormone relaxin? It is needed by the body for increasing the flexibility in the ligaments, so you can carry and give birth to a child without significant injury to the body. So during pregnancy so it is helpful to do yoga or Pilates, but only after consultation with a specialist. Take lessons at least several times a week.


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