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How to help your child to cope with educational stress - Psychology -

Ahead of exams — my nerves are shot. knows how to relax

Ksenia Парфенова1 April 2019 13:1814960

Как помочь ребенку справиться с учебной нагрузкой - Психология -

the study should cause joy, not stressful:

It is time of exams — a stressful period for a child of any age and his parents. I do not want to fall face in the dirt and to show their knowledge at a decent level. When the life of a child is subject to a strict regime, where previously the usual amusements have no place, it is important to maintain it and even sometimes to distract from occupations.

Emotional support

When the school child all the time afraid that his fate will not develop in case of failure in exams, no wonder that he quickly becomes nervous and irritable. It is important to explain to him that not all people manage to achieve success on the first try, but you will continue to love and support, no matter what happens. Try to ignore the caused by the stress of conflict — be kind to your child and his mood.

Как помочь ребенку справиться с учебной нагрузкой - Психология -

be the child's friend, not nadziratelem:

A change of scenery

Use every opportunity to go — to the next town or even another country. The change of location allows the child to relax and be distracted by the fact that he really likes swimming, long walks, visits to exhibitions and concerts. Even in these 7-10 days he is not engaged in study. A short break would not reduce knowledge and information will allow to gain a foothold in the long-term memory. Choose the period of vacation or a weekend, when the child is not busy with school and extra classes.

Physical activity

To abandon the sport for the sake of learning — not the best solution for health and mood. Sport helps the production of serotonin and equalization of hormonal levels, which directly affects fatigue, speed of mental reactions and overall health. Exercise helps to strengthen the abs and back muscles that support the spine — this helps to avoid scoliosis and other unpleasant effects of hard study. It is also important to relax the muscles — this will help the swimming, during which the body is in a free position.

Proper nutrition

It is important to follow the diet: eat 5-6 times a day in small portions and to balance the amount of proteins, fats and carbohydrates in the diet. Do not forget about vitamins — the baby needs to eat 2-3 fruit per day and at least 100 grams of greens. I advise you to go to the pediatrician and get a referral for a blood test to determine what vitamins are lacking in the body. Do not self-medicate: only the doctor should prescribe taking of vitamins by the test results.

The mode of the day

Yes, the baby and so tired from the excessive severity of others. However, it is really important to recuperate during sleep — this period are fixed neural connections, aligned blood pressure and pulse, replenished energy reserves. Go to bed and need to Wake up at the same time that the body was easier to adapt to a specific mode. Ventilate the room before going to bed — the temperature is 22-25 degrees is quite comfortable for sleep.

Как помочь ребенку справиться с учебной нагрузкой - Психология -

from the diligent study need otdyhatelnoe:

Rewarding for the effort

Don't be afraid to spoil the baby! The gifts you show that hard work always reward. Yes, and just show how strong you are proud of the child and love it. Coveted sneakers, buying a new smartphone or a trip to the cinema with friends — all this will please the teenager. For kids fit the system of the accumulated awards: glued in notebook sticker for each successful lesson. The results set prizes, toys, a trip to an amusement Park or a permit to organize a movie night with their favorite cartoons.


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