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Trying to tear a child from a computer - Psychology -

Virtual reality can tighten in earnest. will tell you how to pull their children from the "web"

Maria Блавацкая25 March 2019 12:3515680

Пытаемся оторвать ребенка от компьютера - Психология -

pulling children out of gadgetorama:

Adult Internet is necessary for various reasons: someone makes purchases online, pay bills, book hotels, others look for information for work and study. The web greatly facilitates our existence. However, children can't control their time, and filter the content that is why parents need to know exactly what their children do online and how to combine the reality of everyday and the virtual?

Today's children were born in the information age: in such rapid flux even for adults it is difficult to navigate, however the new generation is well adapted to processing a huge number of new "information". They can not imagine their life without Internet, which means to restrict and ban just makes no sense. Many parents are concerned about the question: what impact has such serious passion for the virtual world?

According to psychologists, parental concern is not unwarranted, because over the Internet there are various recruitment and other dangerous for the fragile mind of things.

Even such innocent things as "shooters" and quests can have serious consequences: dependence on games, reduced physical activity, bullying on the Network. To avoid the consequences, you need to know the immediate cause, we are going to do.

Пытаемся оторвать ребенка от компьютера - Психология -

kids can all day to sit in front of Ukranafta:

Than luring a virtual reality?

The main reason lies in lack of confidence: the child is not accepted in the team, dismissive adults, it hard to make contact with the world. In this case, the chances of care in the Network are greatly increased.

Imagine a parent working all day, solved everyday problems. On his return waiting for the child with their problems, questions, and indeed, his very presence many parents are just annoying. In the end, the parent shrugs, buys another console, sends to look for the answer on the Internet. Gradually the child no longer needed the real world where it still does not help.

What to do?

Imprudent parents just forbid the child to use the computer, or severely limit time. However, this does not help, because your child has friends who are happy to help out.

Such tight control will have a negative impact on your relationship with your teenager. He will see in you a tyrant, is not able to dialogue.

It is true that parents often just don't understand how you can entertain the baby. Something to offer? Actually, there are lots of things you can do together. Let's look at a few options, from which to begin.

Try to gradually replace the computer for another activity, such as:

Пытаемся оторвать ребенка от компьютера - Психология -

distract the child for doing household chores, for example - make use of winphoto:


Oddly enough, very many children don't mind making a joint plate with a parent. So you and the time spend together and will distract the child from the screen for a while.


Suitable for children of primary school age. Especially good "come in the" role playing: Yes, mothers and daughters continue current game.

Activity outside the home

Here fit anything, depending on the interests of the child. It can be theatres, shows, museums, interactive exhibitions.

Пытаемся оторвать ребенка от компьютера - Психология -

give children more of uniminuto:

Family tradition

Install at least one tradition, for example, at the same time all members of the family sit down to dinner or tea, sharing impressions of the day. So, like, a simple situation will help you all to bond and better understand each other.


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