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I regret that I had: how to live with it - Psychology -

Not for all women pregnancy is a gift. In some cases, becomes a curse. understands the situation, when a child is born at the wrong time

Maria Блавацкая2 April 2019 12:5265350

Жалею о том, что родила: как с этим жить - Психология -

as with getphoto:

The situation itself is horrible, because the child comes into the world, knowing that it does not expect, as a result, all his life he will feel the lack of motherly love. Of course, the father's role is almost as important for a newborn, but it's the attitude of the mother affects the continued existence of the child.

Situations that result in unwanted children:

Жалею о том, что родила: как с этим жить - Психология -

the child is not to blame for your difficult, situacijama:

- An unplanned pregnancy at an early age or by accident.

- Strong hatred of the father.

- Bad financial support.

However, this list is not limited, we have selected only the most common options.

The fact is that not all distinguish the concept of "unwanted child" from the unplanned: the second one has more chances to love with the parents, because by the end of pregnancy, a woman tries to come to terms with the situation, and maternal feelings did not allow her to treat the unborn baby negatively.

How is the life of an unwanted child

According to many scientists, the whole pregnancy, until childbirth and sometimes after them, can be divided into stages. For example, from the moment of conception until birth the child is in a state of some euphoria, but only if the mother already loves her unborn child. Perhaps you've noticed how future moms talking to the belly in the later stages? These children grow up with a stable psyche and are able to enjoy life.

In the reverse situation the born child will always feel a sense of anxiety, respond harshly to criticism, and constantly feeling guilty. There are several variants: or his aggression is directed inward or to others. Such a person will be difficult to build a future.

Жалею о том, что родила: как с этим жить - Психология -

encourage his development, he will, blagodarenie:

What to do if you feel a rejection to the child

During pregnancy a woman is experiencing a tremendous amount of stress. In addition to the instincts inherent in us a kind of wisdom: the woman is clearly aware of that need to love this child. The life which it develops — is already a part of it. Denying the unborn child, thus the woman denies herself. Now think about whether you can live with the hatred? In addition, the child is absolutely innocent, no need to make him the negative qualities of others, as you seem to blame for your difficult situation people.

Жалею о том, что родила: как с этим жить - Психология -

spend together as much as possible, premeditate:

How to love a child

No one is born a parent, they can only be. You have to understand that love can only come after constant communication and knowing each other — you and your child.

What you need:

- Learn to listen and understand what the child tells you.

- Learn how to communicate: there is no physical and emotional abuse! So you can not build a relationship of trust.

- Must contribute to the development of both personal and mental.

The child must feel valued and respected, only then he will also treat you and a lifetime to show gratitude.


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