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Possible signs that a child has experienced physical violence - Psychology

We can not even suspect what is happening with children in our absence. collected a few "bells" that should alert you

Maria Блавацкая3 April 2019 12:1329710

Возможные признаки того, что ребенок подвергся физическому насилию - Психология -

it is important to know for sure - the child says the truth or fantaziruyte:

We can't know everything that is happening in the lives of our children when they leave home. However, there are signs you can guess that there are some problems. If you have suspicions, you need to act quickly to prevent a dangerous situation.

So what symptoms may signal problems?

Возможные признаки того, что ребенок подвергся физическому насилию - Психология -

sudden reticence and gloom serve as an alarm segnalato:

Child becomes secretive

This change in behavior is especially noticeable if the baby is usually open and sociable. A sharp change in mood indicates problems that is afraid or doesn't want you to dedicate the baby. The child may just scare that the parents would react negatively.

Sleep problems

Children often have nightmares in dreams, however, when it becomes a regular occurrence, moms and dads should think, and do not know what happened. Observe your child if the situation repeats itself several times a week for a month should seek help from a specialist, but before that still talk to him.

The child starts to communicate with adults

Cause for concern may be the time of meeting with certain people, in whose presence the baby suddenly stops or starts to hide. Many children are inherently shy, but when the child previously was not shyness, but now more silent and avoids contact with parents and with other people, it is necessary to pay attention to.

If your suspicions are confirmed, immediately contact law enforcement authorities and to the psychologist. Themselves, in turn, proceed as follows:

Возможные признаки того, что ребенок подвергся физическому насилию - Психология -

children must implicitly trust, roditelyami:

Try to assure the child that he is safe, is still with you

To discuss what happened, it is very difficult as a child and an adult, so you need to carry out a conversation in a place to make your little one feel safe. Make it so that anyone but the two of you weren't in the room at the time of interview. Only in this case, you can begin this unpleasant, but crucial conversation. In no case do not blame the child and do not scold — he is innocent, and he hardly opened after a negative reaction on your part.

Ask directly, but unobtrusive

Your goal is to figure out what happened. Very gently ask touch whether its an adult in those places where it should not. Try to avoid unfamiliar words, in order not to confuse the baby.

Возможные признаки того, что ребенок подвергся физическому насилию - Психология -

if your child can not sleep, do not let the situation on samotekom:

Explain why it is important for you to know

Almost always the person who regularly commits violence, is to tell the child that what is happening should not be known to relatives and friends. If the child refuses to respond, justifying the silence of the secret, say that adults should not share secrets with children. Let the child know that he won't have any problems if he will share the "secret".

The child should know that they can always turn to you for advice or for help

Children are afraid of condemnation from the adults, that is why many serious problems remain unknown to parents due to children's feelings of shame and embarrassment. One of the most important rules of parenting — the child needs to trust you. Only in this case you can be sure that in any strange or even dangerous situation, the child will seek help in the first place to you.


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