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A large family — advantages and disadvantages - Psychology -

Children are not only a joy but also a great responsibility

Ksenia Парфенова3 APR 2019 18:0346180

Многодетная семья — плюсы и минусы - Психология -

in a large family not boring, bivittata:

According to the census, for the year 2017 in Russia was more than 1.5 million large families — those with three children or more. Each year the figures are increasing — more and more parents dare to take this serious step. will tell you what are the advantages and disadvantages of large families.

Relationships between children

Dreaming of a large family, parents usually imagine how kids will play with each other and share all that they have. It is believed that in families where more than one child, the children grow up generous, kind and responsible. However, the tale of the perfect picture breaks about life: small children constantly fight, argue and in no way inferior to each other. Yes, and all children are different — some are quiet and are obedient to elders, others headstrong and free-spirited. You will not be able to know in advance the nature of the child, so it is necessary to hope only for a good education.

Многодетная семья — плюсы и минусы - Психология -

all children, Reznyovete:

Social benefits

One of the "bonuses" of birth children are social benefits in the capital they are paid monthly for the maintenance of children, payment of utility services, food and clothing. In other cities there are amendments to the law. Perhaps, the best bargain is getting the opportunity to go to University for the benefit to go in the contest not on a General basis and allocated among the beneficiaries. What to speak of free travel, Parking and other compensation that are families with children.

A big responsibility

If you think older kids watch out for younger, and you will rest, I dare to afflict: so will not work. You and your husband will have to take care of the child, only occasionally charging a senior not a difficult task. Three or more children — it's a hassle in case some of them get sick and pass the infection to others, will close for repair of a kindergarten and school, and you have no one to leave them. Always count your hand and try to help each other as often as possible, leaving each time.

Improving skills

Many mothers say that with the birth of a third child became much easier to relate to motherhood. The Internet even there is a joke: from the first boil baby nipples, iron vests, and the third for 5 minutes licking the dog's tail — it's good that nothing bad happened. By the time of birth of a third child you will have significant knowledge and practices that will facilitate the care for them. Yes, and you will be less worry and worry about the health of children than young mothers.

Многодетная семья — плюсы и минусы - Психология -

the more children, the easier, materinstvo:

The hustle and bustle

Hope that everything will be quiet while you sleep off Saturday morning — utopia, not otherwise. Be prepared that the home will be the constant cries mixed with laughter, which only calm down on a walk and study. But what fun will you and the kids! In a large team there is always something to do. Neither younger nor older will not be bored.


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