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5 life hacks to help student

5 лайфхаков, которые помогут школьнику

Children now load almost like the astronauts"What came to progress"... Our kids in school work like robots, in order to fill tables OGE and EGE. They do not receive knowledge, they are not taught to think, to reflect, and only to put crosses. They do it under escort and scrutiny of the cameras as criminals.Nowhere to go — so the current education system. As parents we can only try to make their life easier

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Children fatigue and ways to avoid it

A little more than two weeks since the beginning of the school year, and parents already complain that their children are tired of lessons. gathered recommendations that will help the child not to overworkSeptember is always a very difficult month for families who have students. To adapt to the educational process is necessary not only to students but to the entire environment

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5 rules for the perfect backpack

5 правил идеального рюкзака

Parents of students time to prepare for the beginning of the school yearErasers, rulers, notebooks — all that is necessary. But the backpack is the main item of school equipment. Different manufacturers offer hundreds of models. tell me how from all this variety to choose the right one.Rule # 1The material of the backpack need to endure snow, heat and torrential rain

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Training makeup: how to impress classmates and the Director

Учебный макияж: как понравиться одноклассникам и директору

Expert gives advice on make-up, clothes and hairstyle for school girlsAbout conflicts between school teachers, fashionistas and even movies, but the problem of decent appearance during his studies are still relevant. Specialist style, lecturer of RSUH and mother of three children Maria Andreeva know how to help her stay beautiful, healthy and fashionable

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You're stealing from their children perfect parents

Что крадут у своих детей идеальные родители

Expert Maria Dyachkova — how not to cripple future adult life of your childIn the last article we talked about why it is difficult even in adulthood to forgive parents. And it is unfair to raise such a topic, omitting at the same time its downside. For someone parents are monsters, and for someone — angels, no less. The perfect, infallible, loving and loved, the best and liberated them from the critical gaze.Being a parent myself, I can say that it is, of course, a dream

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5 tricks in preparation for school

5 хитростей в подготовке к школе

These secrets pomogajut child to join in the learning process1. Pencils and pensOrganize your home training space. The whole "stationery" should be the child at hand. It does not lie in chaos, and each pen should have its own place.The pencils should be his местоpixabay.com2. NotebookDon't confuse notebook. Even if they are the same color, then stick them on a colored tape or mark with a marker. Then your child will know exactly what "green" — Russian language, "red" is mathematics

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Signs of a good father

Choosing a husband, you should pay attention to the paternal qualities of the chosen oneDespite the fact that the phenomenon of child-free is already perceived by society as usual, the majority of women still expect sooner or later become mothers. It is therefore essential to choose a life partner, which in the future will successfully cope with the role of the father, and not dump all the worries a young mom

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Operation "School": what you need to study in the XXI century

Операция «Школа»: что нужно для учебы в XXI веке

With the help of the expert-the psychologist Olga Romaniv collected rules shopping before the first of September, and learned about the gadgets that can be useful to studentsLast year in preparation for the beginning of the school year the average Moscow schoolboy's parents could spend a little more than six thousand rubles. This promises a slight increase in prices. But experts say that have to spend not less than ten thousand. And this is when the ability to save

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6 tips on how to cope with wounds and bruises in a child

6 советов, как справиться с ранами и ссадинами у ребенка

Mom needs to be ready for anythingIn the summer the baby more opportunities to run and play outside. His hands and feet are almost always open, and therefore, abrasions and bruises on them to avoid possible. They should not be afraid, and should just be able to give first aid to your child. as the prompt.InjuryWho of us in childhood did not beat swing? Or fled, fell, hit his is a frequent and regular trauma to the child

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5 things that bring harm

5 вещей, которые приносят ребенку вред

Not always the producers I consult with doctorsWhen the family appears kid, parents are willing last penny to spend to buy him the best and need. Alas, this is often used by unscrupulous manufacturers in pursuit of only their own benefit. learned from doctors that some of the things for children do more harm than good

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