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Indulge at the table is helpful for children's appetite

Kids need to play with your food, decided scientists from the UKScientific luminaries from the University of De Montfort in Leicester, which is in the UK, came to an unexpected conclusion: if children are allowed to play with food, they will eat it faster.This is a startling discovery for parents who spend hours fighting with their children, trying to shove a spoonful of cereal.For the experiment, the researchers selected 62 children aged three to four years

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The families of residents of cities having fewer children than in the villages

Scientists have found the explanation for this factResearchers at the University of Michigan, USA came to the conclusion that in areas where high population density, fewer children. For parents in a big city likely to have one or two children, whereas in small towns, usually, many children and families.From the residence, changing priorities in a person's life. Urban residents focus on the education and upbringing of the child, trying to give him a high quality of life

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The star children gave him attention and treats

Звездных детей одарили вниманием и угощениями

Celebrities along with their kids attended the premiere of the cartoonStellar offspring, and children from ordinary families, are very fond of cartoons. But, unlike normal children, they have from early childhood to pose together with moms and dads in front of photographers. However, the social life of the star children are not a burden

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To feed or not to feed — that is the question

As the child to form proper eating habitsAs long as the child was dressed, shod and fed. It's like a "multiplication table" hammered into our heads for generations, mothers and grandmothers. And if naked children in our country do not go the question of food concerned in only relatives, but even neighbors."What slender you boy is seen eating bad, do not have enough vitamins," he sympathized yard gossip."Yeah, well, he eats, just dad is tall, and I weigh a little over fifty..

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In the United States produce the doll-transgender for children 8+

В США выпускают куклу-трансгендера для детей 8+

From Barbie to the doll, which came up regressionU.S. toy company, she says, for the first time in the world decided to produce the doll without any sexual characteristics and specific shape peculiar to the male or female figure. It will cost almost $ 90. Will release the doll in small editions and with the age restrictions. According to the American child psychologists, play with asexual beings only children from the age of eight.Like the world famous Barbie, the new doll is a prototype

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The dad: how and why trying to replace mom

Папа в декрете: как и зачем пытаются заменить маму

Men are increasingly began to go on leave for child careMore recently, it was difficult to imagine a man in line at the children's clinic, among the moms on the bench next to the sandbox or meticulously studies the composition on the box of nutrition for infants. Now it is the usual pattern — at-home dad.Sometimes you write that we have "all bad", but they have..

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Whether at a young age to teach a child foreign languages?

How to develop the kid, not overloading itTV shows in recent times give rise to a guilt complex from normal parents. Look on the TV screen, and there children three years speak twenty languages and at the age of eight months able to read and write. On the one hand, tormented by jealousy: because your offspring at three and four just starting it is sanity to speak in their native language

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Early downloads: for and against

Ранняя популярность: за и против

Is it worth it to deprive your child of childhood?This week it became known that at the upcoming fashion Week in new York, which will be held in February, will participate Millie Belle diamond from Australia and will be thus the youngest model. Millie is two years, but it has become famous as a very popular blogger. Thanks to my mom, of course: she dresses the girl in glamorous clothes and often it is the luxury brands (particularly Louis Vuitton), and photographs

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Choosing hockey equipment for novice athlete, you should buy only the best

The decision to give son in school sports makes sense, because the child not only strengthens his physical form, but also hardens characterHockey is one of the most exciting games, therefore, having made the decision to turn the kid into a real athlete, you should seriously come over to his gear.Many adult players agree that the quality of the bib, helmet, elbow pads depends on the result of the game and the state of human health

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What the stars teach your children?

Чему звезды учат своих детей?

In honor of children's Day find out what advice their offspring give celebrityPrince William:"I think the most important for their children to maintain contact with reality. I will try to convey to them that, despite the fact that they live in the Palace, you always have to go beyond it and learn about what is happening in the real world".Kate Winslet:"I want my children to grow up confident in themselves. I myself as a child never heard positive words about the human body

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