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How to make child costume improvised

Expert gives tips for creating a fabulous outfit for the babyIf the child is to supply you with the stub statement: "Mom, tomorrow at the matinee I play the role of Ivan Tsarevich. Urgently make me a suit," do not panic and especially do not say that he was a blockhead. Take a look at the situation with the positive: the child gives you the chance to show off their creative abilities

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Sobchak lost the stomach

У Собчак пропал живот

Fans have not found Xenia signs of pregnancy in the last videoA few weeks ago on the sidelines began to discuss the alleged pregnancy of Ksenia Sobchak. It all started with the fact that the presenter began to appear in public in free clothes, beneath which you could see a little belly. And after a longtime friend Ksenia, Andrey Malakhov publicly kissed her stomach, decided that question in an interesting position girls can not be

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What the stars teach their children?

Чему звезды учат своих детей?

In honor of children's Day find out what advice their offspring give celebrityPrince William:"I think it's important for their children to maintain contact with reality. I will try to convey to them that, despite the fact that they live in the Palace, always need to go beyond it and learn about what is happening in the real world".Kate Winslet:"I want my children to grow up confident in themselves. I myself as a child never heard positive words about the human body. One negative

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That dream nursing moms?

Expert Maria Dyachkova — about the fears associated with breastfeedingParadoxically, the article starts not with dreams, but with the fact that interesting for most nursing moms. Breastfeeding is a biological process that exists as much as mankind lives. Written many papers and billions of women go through this process on my experience. There are different doctrines on when to finish feeding the baby, when it will cause him less mental harm

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Why do children manipulate their parents

Expert - systemic family psychotherapist Tatyana Belyaeva - about what to do adults, who began to dance to the tune of the childThe family is a system and like any system, it is subject to certain laws. These laws are not visible and not felt, but their violations very noticeable. And it's out of the norm behavioral disorders, and a high level of stress/anxiety in the family, and manipulation as a form of interaction, and how extreme degree, somatization, i.e

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If you live at home monkey

Если у вас дома живет обезьяна

9 tips from the trainer how to properly communicate with the hostess of this yearThe choice of Pets is very individual. According to the nature of the host, they are not just cats and dogs, but also exotic species like monkeys, for example. This, of course, rare. But still, those who ventured to settle in the apartment is a fun humanoid creature, it should heed the advice of an experienced trainer of Circus of Dancing Fountains "aquamarine" Andrew Talihina

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Contest for children and parents "When I grow up"

All children dream and fantasize, choosing future profession.From March 15 to April 29, 2016 in the group of Nesquik Studios in social network held a photo contest "When I grow up" for children and their parents.The photographs should be placed in the contest album community, and in comments to indicate why he or she chose this profession.Twenty photos that receives the most votes will be presented to a competent jury

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That give children of stars?

Что дарят детям звезд?

Newborns usually receive a gift of a silver spoon on the first tooth, soft toys, educational rugs... And that give children born in the families of famous parents?Wardrobe for the little fashionistaIt so happened that Julia Proskuryakova gave birth without her husband Igor Nikolaev. The eighth of October, Veronica was born while her dad was busy at the festival "New wave" in Sochi. Due to the busy schedule Nikolaev even flew directly to their favorite girls

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At the Pashkov House was a ball for children left without parental care

At the end of November in Moscow, in the Pashkov House took place the third children's charity ball "Half a day".This is a joint program of the project and its partners for social adaptation of children left without parental care. It was attended by over 200 children from institutions for orphans and children in difficult life situation, Moscow and Moscow region aged from 13 to 18 years

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Gifts don't have to be perfect

But they become so when they are gifted to relatives and friends.What should be the gift? Touching, memorable, geeky desire to keep and cherish for years to come. It can be anything, but in order to become the most favorite, it is not necessary to be perfect.Children have not lost the ability to believe in miracles, and therefore so eagerly waiting for the New year, and with it magical gifts are nice to give and receive

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