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Choose the right gift for a child

Выбираем правильный подарок для ребенка

That give the baby from the cradle and to the school to develop his imagination and intellect? How to cope with children's emotions and to engraft good taste? A journalist and a young mother, Tatyana Tikhonova decided to deal with these difficult issues

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Unusual names of the children of Russian stars

Необычные имена детей российских звезд

Harry M. Galkin, or Pugachev, or Pugachev-Galkin - for the Russian ear sounds strange. Here Elizabeth Maksimovna another matter. Although what names were twins Alla and Maxim, human attention they will never be deprived. WomanHit assessed that the star couple named their children in honor of royalty, and remembered unusual baby names of other celebrities

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Uniforms: instilling style baby

Школьная форма: прививаем стиль ребенку

Autumn, the season of colored leaves and long conversations about life, is rapidly approaching. Together with the fall comes and the new academic year, and the last week before him - a hot time for anyone in the family there are students. Purchasing the office? You know whether your schedule? What with school classes? But sport?.

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