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A woman's happiness is in children

Communication with the child is the main thing in life of any mother. And all of the problems and conflict situations will help to solve a new expert WomanHit - Ekaterina Alekseeva, instructor of harmonization of relations with children.

Счастье женщины – в детях

Ekaterina Alekseeva with her daughter.

«A woman's happiness is in children,» the forgotten somehow accidentally my grandmother, a teacher with 40 years of experience, master of sport of fencing, wife of the Olympic champion and my true friend. Then she could not even think what will turn to me, her casual phrase thrown with such generally obvious content.
Me as if returned to consciousness after a prolonged General anesthesia, when you sort of there, but however you like and no. I for many years, during the time stopped and looked back. Timidly at first tentatively, then the bold look of the woman, the look of his mother.
I saw a native, is my favorite, but the strange picture. I'm 33. I have everything usually dream of women in this age: husband, daughter, family, friends, a great career, a beautiful new house, car, travel, books. And yet - the continual competition with time. Who wins? And rushing race for many years now, overcoming on the way importantly, very fragile and the most precious thing I have relations with his daughter.
As it was not up to it...
«Wait, my daughter, not now, an important client on a wire»;
«No, today the Park has not come to the house clean and go to the car wash»;
«Take you on birthday classmate today I can not: it is necessary to finish a rush order, a person is already the second day awaits»;
«Go to sleep. Fairy tale to tell? Well dad ask, please, I'm still busy.»
And dozens of similar ridiculous denials, every time mercilessly scratching the soul of my little daughter.
Today most of all I'm sorry about hundreds нерассказанных her fairy tales. Forgive me, my dear! Now I'm ready to talk about the adventures of your favorite critters though till the morning! As I had thought that there is someone or something more important to you?!
«A woman's happiness is in children,» said the woman I, seen life that brought two of her children and adequately raised hundreds of strangers. As she was right and this time, my wise grandmother! How much happiness flashed into my life at the very moment when I was returning to her own child.
Now we almost every week we go with my Sonia at the lake to feed the black ducks. Together we go to the shop and long choose products for Sunday dinner. Preparing for an important meeting, I often call her to help me determine the most suitable for dress shoes or earrings. We заваливаемся on the sofa in her room, and I watch some silly Comedy, like my daughter.
We very much do together. But the most important thing now every night I tell my beloved girl stories that thing out by myself. And now I am seriously concerned about how not to spoil the memory of the beloved planet author Antoine de Saint-Exupery: my daughter asked me to write... a continuation of the story about a young Prince. And this time I did not refuse her.
The path to my child is the best thing that happened to me over the years. This is the most correct road on which I'm ready to go to the end of my days. As customers, orders, cleaning, car wash will have to wait. A lot of them, my daughter is one. And all this time she had been knocking at my heart. Thank you, dear, for your perseverance, and you, grandma, for insight. Because without you I almost missed it - a woman's happiness.

Ekaterina Alekseeva, instructor of harmonization of relations with children


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