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Uniforms: instilling style baby

Autumn, the season of colored leaves and long conversations about life, is rapidly approaching. Together with the fall comes and the new academic year, and the last week before him - a hot time for anyone in the family there are students. Purchasing the office? You know whether your schedule? What with school classes? But sport?..

Школьная форма: прививаем стиль ребенку

We need to cultivate a taste from childhood. Photo: Fotolia/

Школьная форма: прививаем стиль ребенку

Often in the hustle and bustle we tend to forget or do not have time to think about another important aspect: the style of the student. The fact that the child has no blouses, trousers or jeans we remember, but that's what the picture is, if you look at the closet in General, we understand it is difficult...
Meanwhile, the style is a key concept to keep in mind, placing a child of any age in school (or helping him to choose clothes). The matter is that our vision of a great, imagination, aesthetic perceptions are formed early in life - from childhood to early adolescence. Accordingly, if the dress of his own offspring exclusively on the principle of convenience and functionality, forgetting about the beauty and the compatibility, it will be very difficult in adult life develop taste and ability to visually «sell yourself». And here we come to a difficult and controversial topic: school uniform.

There are countries and culture, where the form is an old established practice, it has a separate system of signs telling where the schoolboy learns what stratum of society belongs. Examples: the United Kingdom and Japan. There's more than just clothes. It is a way of self-identification. Yes and in all honesty, it is recognized that the uniforms of these countries, as a rule, more attractive: as according to the laws of aesthetics, and the subjective inexperienced glance.

With post-Soviet countries is more complicated: the uniforms of the Soviet times long ago abolished, and, by today's standards, it is obsolete. Moreover, given the variety and severity of climate in many CIS countries and regions of Russia, universal cotton kit for all occasions unlikely to be acceptable. Many modern schools have decided to simply: we introduce business attire. Unfortunately, that's easier said than done. First, as Director and teachers, and parents often have a very vague idea about what this style requires. As a result, children pace slender mourning columns of the same ill-fitting black jackets, coats, trousers and skirts made by boring adults templates. And to make it look not so bad girls tied unbelievably huge bows and buy blouses with lurex» and frill of sticky synthetics. Where here to take up the sense of beauty?

Problem two: one of the arguments for the introduction of school uniforms is that it eliminates the social differences. However, the «business attire» is too vague concept to perform this role «equalizer». Imagine: one boy, we put in Turkish costume from the market, and another tailored to individual measures in Italy. One girl wear a gray-looking blouse of cheap cotton and the other white kids Dior. Like, in the name and style of things are the same, but how long the children will not see any differences in quality and, accordingly, will not do?..

And finally the question of aesthetics: having walked all adolescence in clothing that is the soul, which is unclear (from the point of view of a teenager) why do we need, which is not always looks good, boy, or girl can begin to experience difficulties with the formation of their own appearance and style. This is because for years they were forced to suppress impulses to Express themselves through appearance, even without receiving from adults clear explanation of «why?»

School uniform is a powerful tool for influencing the formation of the personality. And he that is characteristic, can develop and the limit in the aesthetic development. If the school your children have a form, find the time and energy to discuss with your child all the exciting aspects of the standards of appearance. In the end, it is in your power to help your child understand the meaning of the surrounding norms and rules.

Good luck in preparing for the new school year!

If you have any questions about style and image, wait for them on the mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Kateryna Khokhlova, image Advisor and life coach


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