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How to motivate your child?

No wonder there is an opinion that a man cannot be forced - it should want. How do parents, when their children refuse to do anything?

Как мотивировать своего ребенка?

Why your child does not want to do?

Как мотивировать своего ребенка?

Why the child does not want to do specific things?

1. Child boring.
2. Child laziness.
3. The child does not understand the meaning or practical business use.
4. The child takes revenge.
5. Child conflicts - the refusal tries to make it clear that his ideas about life or particular situation disagree with your views.
6. The child lacks the psychological oxygen, which primarily ensures the satisfaction of basic psychological needs of this particular child.

As promotion, punishment and blackmail destroy the child's motivation?
The child is accustomed to do only what must be somebody. It doesn't even have time to realize: «And if I should do this? And if necessary, then why?» Independence of thinking, inner freedom, freedom of expression collapsing on the vine. The parent has the here and now and broken relationships tomorrow and always. You fit such development of events?

How to convince the child to do anything?
- Explain why you are asking it to do.
- Be honest with the child!
Speak in a neutral tone - solves problems with no delays and shouting.
- To show unconditional love to the child.
- Demonstrate all of their behavior and words that you act in the child's interests, that you are together with him, thereby encouraging cooperation.

What is the key to deep inner motivation of the child?
Improve your credibility in the eyes of a child. The gold key to the motivation of the child - his trust in you! The higher the level of trust, the easier it is to motivate and persuade. And remember: the true motivation to cooperate with parent born in the baby inside her never achieve «external methods.»


Quick answers to questions parents

Can't make the son do anything around the house. How to motivate?

Make - inefficient model. No wonder there is an opinion that a man cannot be forced - it should only have to want to. With regard to home care, establish rules: who does what, when, and what you do together, like when testing the quality of the performed work. Delegate child responsibility for any business, but don't forget to check whether the job is complete (especially at first). And be consistent in regard to your requests for assistance at home: if the commissioned the child, do not rush to do instead.

How to teach bring follow through?

Again, this famous procrastination postponement until later. One of the most common reasons for postponement of the case - fear of failure. How to be? To believe in a child, encourage him not to give up. Another common reason for procrastination is negative emotions that delivers the performance of a task. Child consciously or subconsciously chooses avoidance tactics.
What to do? The easiest way to change the emotional background of the unloved classes. Does not like to make lessons - turn your homework in the game etc.

How to motivate a child to perform tasks? He does not need anything.

If the child has erected a wall around himself, who does not wish to leave, so they him for something needs. It is important to understand that the selected model the behavior of a child in many ways serves. Do not destroy these walls, do not let the child instead of the more reliable the wall in the form of love and understanding! And must analyze picture of the world of a child. To understand what happened in his life, when and why it deep inside decided not to want anything.

How to replace a system of «stick-stick»?

Effective and sustainable models of interaction with the child. How to check a particular model of efficiency? To honestly answer the question: «What do I want in a relationship with the child?» and analyze whether this model of a specific objective.
How to check the model for green? Make sure that it meets universal and your own morality.

Ekaterina Alekseeva,
the instructor to harmonize relations with children


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