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Unusual names of the children of Russian stars

Harry M. Galkin, or Pugachev, or Pugachev-Galkin - for the Russian ear sounds strange. Here Elizabeth Maksimovna another matter. Although what names were twins Alla and Maxim, human attention they will never be deprived. WomanHit assessed that the star couple named their children in honor of royalty, and remembered unusual baby names of other celebrities.

Необычные имена детей российских звезд

Alla Pugacheva, Maksim Galkin. photo Lily Шарловская

Mick-Angele Krist Nikitich and Eva-Vlad Nikitichna Анисины-Dzhigurda

From this couple children with intricate names. Even when she was pregnant, she and her husband were invented for the name of his son Mick. But the kid was born on January 7, 2009, which is reflected in the name. Angele - an angel, and Krist - English Christmas, Christmas. A year later, on January 23, 2010, the couple had Eva-Vlad. First name loved my mother. She chose it in honor of the first woman eve. And on the second insisted father, who believes that Vlad means power and that his daughter will have «the power of the primordial women. By the way, Dzhigurda from a previous marriage has two sons who are also double names: Artemy-Добровлад and Ilya-Maximilian.

Необычные имена детей российских звезд

Nikita Dzhigurda with the family. Photo:
Solomon Баблишвили Guramovich

When the husband - hot Georgian macho, and his son's name must be chosen accordingly. And the choice Anfisa Chekhova fell on the name of the most famous, influential and wise king Solomon. Spouse Guram choice Anfisa approved.

Необычные имена детей российских звезд

Anfisa Chekhova with his son. Photo:

Jean Sergeevich Lenyuk

When in the early 90s Lera Kudryavtseva was married to a musician of «Tender may» Sergei Ленюком, loved to watch fighters with Jean-Claude van Damme. Naturally, she liked and very handsome actor. Therefore, the birth of her son, nineteen-year-old Lera had not even thought about the name. However, years later, she asked to Jean change the name to a more sonorous, but the son refused.

Необычные имена детей российских звезд

Lera Kudryavtseva. Photo Lily Шарловская.
Naum Naumov

According to the actress Olga Будиной, even when she was pregnant, then started to go through all the famous men's and women's names. Referred to three women and one man's names. And knew that a boy, Olga more there was no doubt - Naum, in honor of the names of the Pope, the entrepreneur Alexander Naumov.

Необычные имена детей российских звезд

Olga Budina with his son. Photo:
Angel Sergeevich Zhukov

Popular in the 90's and the singer Sergey Zhukov three children. From the first marriage he had a little daughter Alexandra. But with his second wife and they decided to пооригинальничать: a daughter named Nicole, and of the son, angel. The couple would not simple names, as at all, and initially considered only European. According to parents, all nine months they met signs that indicated the name of the angel, an angel. Couple do not mind that the full name of their child sounds very pretty, and hope that in the near time patronymic cancel.

Необычные имена детей российских звезд

Sergey Zhukov with his wife. Photo Lily Шарловская.
Apollo Sergeevich Cords

They say that a singer named his son in honor of poet of the XIX century Apollo Grigorieva, which owns a string of popular still romance: «Oh, speak, even though you're with me, my friend seven-string! The soul is so longingly, and this night the moon!».

Необычные имена детей российских звезд

Sergei Shnurov. Photo: Natalia Мущинкина.
Dobrynya Viktorovich Bychkov-Belinsky

The choice of name for his son, actor and his wife Pauline came almost a scientific attempt. The couple claim that the name affects the nature and destiny of man, so they made a list of favorite male names, and then about every detail read. As a result of Victor and Polina chose Добрыне, which comes from the word «good». Five years later, the parents say that the boy completely corresponds to its name. And Victor Nikolaevich about his good son even wrote poems-tales: «I have a toy, this is my son Добрушка!»

Необычные имена детей российских звезд

Victor Bychkov. Photo:

Tamara Gurova


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