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10 ways to become closer baby

Relationships with children for many parents are thus a spring, from which mom and dad every day draw drops of grace moisture. But if spring from time to time not to replenish, it will simply wither.

10 способов стать ребенку ближе

As enrich spring relations with children?

10 способов стать ребенку ближе

How to enrich spring relations with children? And how to become your child closer?

Method №1

Get closer. «Who am I?» «Where am I going?» «Why I'm going down there?», «How can I become purer and the better?», «What makes me happy?» and other questions that are (at very honest answers) will allow you to better understand yourself and take a step towards the child.

Way # 2

Consider each situation is difficult in the relationship with the child as an opportunity to strengthen your relationship. A child is not a problem, it's always the chance.

Way # 3
Strongly increase the level of trust of the child to you. Contributions to the Bank account trust bring the highest interest.

Method №4

Recognize that your child is your... master teacher. Each of us children are taught various lessons in different periods of life. But there is one most important lesson taught to children, is patience. Look into the situation. What else besides patience, you can learn in a relationship with your child?

Method №5
Find time for a child. Especially when it does not. Because if you crocked they so once even remember about the child, now is the time... to stop. Give your child (and yourself!) a breath of psychological oxygen. Spend time with him. And when you are with a child, think only about him.

Method №6
Believe in your child. Even when he soundly lies. Because if faith in your child lose and you, what happens to him? Faith can do wonders. Exceptions from this rule no.

Method №7
Love your child. To love means to act, then display the love of his knowledge on the level of actions. The fact that you love your child probably knows, but feels does he love them?

Method №8
Break the rules. Sometimes. Occasionally allowed the child to a pack of crisps, the opportunity to go to bed later than usual or skip once school give life incomparable flavor... freedom.

Method №9
Do not look at other children. Do not compare the behavior, achievement, the manner of their child with strangers. Before your eyes should always be only one child is your. Other children have other parents. Your only have you. Do not betray him.

Method №10

Thank fate for what you have this child (children). Thousands of people would be happy to tolerate all these old antics of your son or whims daughter, but they had no children. Your child (they) are. So now go and warmly hug him (them).

Ekaterina Alekseeva,
the instructor to harmonize relations with children


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