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Sergey Zhukov: «the Children we are from eight in the morning until nine at night»

The founder of the group «Hands Up» and the former soloist of the «Cream» Regina Бурд raise their two children. Specially for WomanHit they revealed the secrets of their education.

Сергей Жуков: «Дети у нас заняты с восьми утра и до девяти вечера»

Sergey Zhukov with the family. Photo: Irina Rempel.

«We Regina maximalists. Perhaps others might consider us crazy parents, but children from eight in the morning until nine at night are fully occupied. Nick almost five years, has the first-class in gymnastics, won the championship of Moscow among 4-year-olds. She also is the Faith Сессиной, our renowned gymnast in her school. Walks on the chorus, swimming, training, studying singing, drawing. Many, probably, will say: «Poor child». But then, as I understand, that all this was necessary. By the way, the younger angel was almost going around with my sister. Of course, he goes on artistic gymnastics, and on Sambo or martial arts. But a bit later. We are very pleased that we have small children IKS, such вундеркиндики. In them there is something, which the us has never been and never will be. You look and jealous that you are not. Nick, for example, goes to the American garden, speaks English and reading. We understand that the school she will speak freely. And I'm in my 40 can't the English language», - Sergei Zhukov.
«When she was pregnant, we chose daughter's name. Finally, came to the conclusion that we both like two or three options. Among them was a nick name. We decided that when a girl is born, then look at it and decide what is the name fits. And then began to be miracles. For example, we came to the cafe, and there on the Sahara is written: «Factory «Nika». Or leave the restaurant, sit down in the car, and in front of the bus with the inscription: «School «Nika». Suddenly a call from cleaning «Nika». Then we understood that it is a sign. When the invented name of the angel, and it was even harder. Could not choose. But in Israel to pregnant Regina priest came and put her hand oil with the words: «your angel». Besides, angel is the Christian name of the angel, which is in the Bible. As to the question of convergence, name and surname of the angel Sergeevich can only say one thing: I hope we will come to abolish the patronymic. Even all the tickets in airplanes are issued without a patronymic. And in any European society, it will normally be perceived as angel Zhukov,» the singer explained.
«My eldest daughter Sasha lives in America with her mother, my ex-wife. In its 12 years Sasha could do so much! She belt in martial arts, it plays in American musicals, engaged in piano, violin and vocals. She chic sings, speaks fluent English. Could easily be a star singer with her genes. So I absolutely do not worry. It from morning till night is engaged. It now goes into a serious American school. Of course, I don't have personal contact, but we already adapt to what is. She is on vacation comes, I'm flying. In General, everything is going well. Like it or not, America will still be able to develop creatively. I am absolutely sure that we will see on the stage of Broadway and in serious roles», - added Zhukov.


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