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Oksana Fedorova: «For girls is important male character»

TV presenter and benefactor told, that will help the girl-teenager to become in the future a happy mother.

Оксана Федорова: «Для девочки важен мужской характер»

Oksana Fedorova. Photo:

President of the Fund to «Hasten to do good!», UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador and Miss universe-2002» Oksana Fedorova held a Festival of beauty and health in Moscow. Participants of the holiday were girls aged 10 to 15 years from children's homes and boarding schools. Festival «Between us, girls» is a series of useful lectures and master-classes on health, friendship and family from leading Russian psychologists and doctors. Oksana told that vital drew participants at this festival, you need a modern girl to become in the future a happy mother.

- Oksana, at the festival of what secrets have you opened the girls?
- First, I had a big group of like-minded people, and everyone tries to teach the girls something to her, important. We wanted to make this event in a simple form that can be explained to the girls, how to care of their own health, how to take care of themselves, how to prepare for the establishment of a family. Even the girls did needlework. They drew, sewed, knitted, in one word, trying to understand, what is their soul. Time passed very quickly, no one is bored. The festival turned out to be interesting and I am grateful to all who supported me.

- Than you were impressed by teenage girls, do you remember yourself at this age?
- Girls are very open-minded, talented, they are able to communicate, make friends. They are nothing particularly telling is not necessary. They all feel. They are full of energy. Their hearts are open to goodness, knowledge is very important!
As for me, aged 10-15 years I was a restless child. I always tried to understand what I am, who I want to be friends, what I like and don't like, will I listen to your parents or to take the decision. At first, I tried: was engaged in folk dancing, singing, drawing, playing the piano and guitar and many other things. This is the age when you're trying to cover as much to understand what you like, what is the soul. I wanted to understand first of all in itself. In this case, the child understood by adults, who will support and guide his energies in the right direction. And when my mother I tried to explain something she was doing it very gently, gently. Her example was very important for me. In childhood for every child, it is important to have an instructive example, a pattern to look up to. We wanted to show the girls how to realize themselves in different directions, as well to be able to do something with their hands, as correctly understand many vital things. I would love to make cooking classes, to teach the girls bake or pizza, but this will be a next time.

Оксана Федорова: «Для девочки важен мужской характер»

Oksana Fedorova and participants of festival "Between us, girls". Photo:

- What do you do for these teenagers from children's homes, it is very important and correct. But still I have to ask why, in your opinion, in our country so many abandoned children?
- In my opinion, here lies the problem in the education of maternal feelings. It is necessary to educate the teenage years, when the girl starts to form the consciousness of an adult woman, future homemaker. And whatever happened difficult life circumstances - and they are not only the girls from children's homes, but also for any person - no one is secure from them. Now, whatever happens in the head of the expectant mother should form a kind of awareness that under no circumstances it should not part with their child. It is obvious that this awareness comes from liability. How to develop a sense of responsibility for another person's life, it is difficult to answer. Rather, the question should be addressed to the psychologist.
Of course, children's homes cannot solve all the problem of orphanhood of children. The state should assume the mission of development of the Institute of foster family. In such families children living with foster parents, that is, with the foster parents. I was in such families. This is much better than a children's home where the child has no personal space, where it is dissolved in the total mass of children. And always the little people need to explain that in the life of her deeds have to sooner or later respond. Life is always with you require a response. To help in such situations always comes faith. She help overcome difficulties in life.

- What do you consider to be important now for the girls, what you should look for to help these teenagers to become healthy, productive people?
- We had talked in the classroom, it is important that the child care institution was honest and diligent person, devote all his soul in children. If it is, in the children's home of creativity flourishes, there is a healthy normal communication between people. I think if helm of it worthy man, it is doubly valuable. I say this as a girl who grew up without a father. I understand how important it is for girls male character, how necessary is the image of a loving, caring father. Thus, there appears a good example for an adequate assessment of the young men, which they will encounter in life. Well, when from early childhood his father says his daughter that she had the most beautiful, the cleverest, the most remarkable. Every girl should feel loved in the family. Not necessarily that it acted in a beauty pageant. The main thing is that her self-esteem was at an appropriate level. She will create a full-fledged, healthy family.

Оксана Федорова: «Для девочки важен мужской характер»

Oksana Fedorova believes that in difficult situations person always supports faith. Photo:

- It turns out that at such meetings you raise your self-esteem of girls? And she generally low?
- It is not that low, it dropped. They are physically and information behind, they are afraid to ask many things. It is sometimes necessary to repeat several times the same. I don't want to say that they are different developing, but they need more care, more attention, you should talk to them not from case to case, and systematically. Our task now is to configure them at these meetings on success, give them a correct installation. Success is not to become a model with a crown on his head and delight all the men around. A woman's happiness in another: when you have a normal, stable family, good husband, a healthy child.
To say that a woman's happiness is a delicate matter, and it is very fragile. Need to say that for the sake of their dreams have to work hard every day building a model of behavior. Create an image of a happy family, seemingly simple words, and behind it is a lot of work.

- Talking about the crown, and I can't ask you this question. Recently finished «Miss universe», and you will not hurt that prestigious competition had never performed in Russia?
- That is a rhetorical question. Actually there are many States which have never held this contest. I think that the time-limits are not important, turn these States will come sooner or later. I am very glad that the contest «Miss universe» was held this year in Russia. This suggests that our country is ready to hold such a show. When I took part in competition «Miss universe-2002», the question was not whether to hold such a contest in Russia. The question was, how to send a participant from Russia? We had no training, no experience. We just bought a ticket and went to the competition. In Puerto Rico the most important for me was to represent their country, not being tied to any result. Held in Moscow contest suggests that we grew in the understanding of female beauty understanding of the image of women. I know well how beautiful woman it is important to be estimated at its true worth. Therefore, I sincerely rejoice for girls who entered the contest and were able to show themselves in all their glory throughout the world.

- Something his «brand» advise. What a woman needs to feel confident, because the Council will be from the «Miss Universe»!
The main thing is that the girl had confidence and naturalness. You need to lift your chin, straighten shoulders and not be embarrassed. Unfortunately, the wholeness comes to the woman with experience, with some achievements. But do you need at any age. I wish every woman feel beautiful, keeping in mind that the need to improve not only its form and content. Smart woman will always find a way to be beautiful.

- Oksana, what would you like to wish the readers on New year's eve?
- Dear friends, the New year is coming - the most desirable, the most joyful holiday in the world. Generous hand отсыпает he people magic snowflakes good, fun and joy.
I wish you all in the New year of excellent, cheerful mood to approach every endeavor with special energy and inspiration! Let every turn of fate you are just waiting for good things! Let them bring you and your families well-being, prosperity, confidence in the future! Happiness, love and beauty to all good people in the New year!

Angela Yakubovskaya


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