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Choose the right gift for a child

That give the baby from the cradle and to the school to develop his imagination and intellect? How to cope with children's emotions and to engraft good taste? A journalist and a young mother, Tatyana Tikhonova decided to deal with these difficult issues.

Выбираем правильный подарок для ребенка

Choose the right gift for a child. Photo: Fotolia/

I remember back in my childhood, in years of scarcity, as a child I gave tights, bananas, shoes... As this happy parents! I stubbornly waiting for something else... toys. Here it is, the main gift for a child. Immediately becomes his property, not ends, often animates. According to respected psychologists, as friends, toys should be few, that a child could cherish each.

This is important!

- You should not rely on the first wish of the child, because it passes quickly, changing, forgotten. If something caught in a shop or at a friend, and you are showered with continuous requests, set it to something else and give it more attention.
- Try not to fulfill their desires. Simply allow your tastes may coincide. If not, by your own fire could spark interest in the child, but if it is not his own, he quickly extinguished. Or he will play the game with you.
- Presents for the children and parents for children are not one and the same. We are talking about things that an adult will be used for the child, but he was still unable to understand what is «it».
- Remember that the child very quickly accustomed to the material reward for good behavior, successes in study, and begins to demand it after a two repetitions. Therefore, it is better to offer an alternative: cooperative games, Hiking, work.
A great gift option is hand-made things. A parent it is important to encourage the creation of toys with her hands. Try to do together that you can buy. When doing that a homemade toy better, prettier purchase. Feel free to connect to process all for ôhandyö relatives - it will be a great game with a tangible result.
- Teach your child that giving is not less pleasure than to receive. If you think so yourself, be calm for a child: he will catch your spirit, and the question of pampering will disappear by itself.


To meet the whims of children

Help your child avoid overeating». Let he likes trains, but do not turn the whole child in a railway. If you notice that a child likes something frankly ugly, негармоничное, cruel, - pause watching cartoons, computer games. Instead, place him in the picture, photo-gallery and Museum. Discuss what you like, what does not and why. Consider the house reproduction. Select together, which hang on the wall.
Young parents it is important to know that excessive effort often leads to the opposite result. Imagine that you picked the perfect toy (bright, beautiful, from natural materials, team etc), and the child turns away from her. What to do in this case?

- Children's tastes are changing rapidly. Today's child did not like the gift is good hide it until tomorrow and show again.
- He hasn't grown. He needs to learn some skills, to become interested.
- If the toy залежалась, don't despair: you find a great gift for children of friends, and maybe your next baby!

Electronic games

It is necessary to limit as much as the strength and patience. In our age the child will still quickly mastered computer skills, but to instill a love of reading is much more difficult. The Ipad is very convenient for parents, it is very difficult to refuse. But such a waiver promises huge dividends: children network gambling is growing by leaps and bounds. And the transition from training programs (the numbers-letters) for racing and shooter happen swiftly and suddenly, for you.

Cheat sheet for parents

Bad gifts:

electronic games;
dolls with threatening or ugly faces;
fragile toys;
status gifts (phones, tablets, and so on).

Good gifts:
- books;
- musical instruments (xylophone, flute, for villas - dryer);
- mosaic/Domino;
- wooden products (most, but without fanaticism);
- universal constructor;
- homemade toys;
- sport/art supplies.

How to give your script

- You give a toy from the attractive to the child of the region. He is interested. Ask him to show you how to use it.
- You give something new and unknown. This requires preparation. Preliminary story without showing, then gasp, together unpack. And be sure to play together. If interest is not awakened, everything out of sight until the next time. Sometimes it takes five times, so that the child can become familiar appreciated toy.
- Child quickly gets used to gifts, related to the specific reason. Better to give unexpectedly, and on holidays - in moderation.


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