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When and how to start speaking with the child about God?

In each family there comes a moment when the kid asks the question: «Who is God?» This interest is quite justified: in the everyday life of a child often hears: «o Lord!» «Oh, my God!» And the kindergarten draws attention to the crosses his peers, one could see how praying grandmother... WomanHit decided to investigate whether to dedicate their child in spiritual ordinances, and how to explain to him who is God?

Когда и как начинать говорить с ребенком о Боге?

When you start to talk with your child about God? Photo:

Barely learned to read, I received from grandparents gift unusual for the times book of Bible stories for children. The book was small, with a very beautiful illustrations. One reading it was enough to go to adults and to declare: «I want to be baptized!» This desire is all very surprised, because none of my relatives was not baptized. Apparently, seed fell on fertile soil: first baptized mother, then I. The first time we have kept the posts I have read the children's Bible diligently said learnt texts of prayers. For me, girl, all this was as a rite game - nothing more. After many years of faith came to me herself. Just sincere conviction and prayer. And a minimum of external manifestations.
My daughter I was brought to Church when she was a year and a half. Probably would have done so earlier, but her husband by religion Buddhist. And I would like to wish to baptize the child was common. We do not focus on the spiritual education, each of us is in their tradition. If you have questions, I talk about Christianity in their own words.

As to convey to the child in a simple form?

If the family does not give impetus to the spiritual development, of his explanation of the concept of «God», it is likely that the child will come under the influence of the religious views of educators, trainers, teachers, and friends (or their parents). On the issue of three-year-old kid you not to pay attention or to shift his attention to something else. And how to be with a 16-year-olds, which will be much more persistent, and not in words, but in deeds?

By the way: the need of finding the absolute led to the formation of the flow itesm (from Dutch Iets - something). This is the faith of those who, on the one hand, feel that there is something or someone «Higher between Heaven and Earth», but, on the other hand, do not accept and do not support any particular religion, I doubt dogmas and opportunities to know anything about God. So it makes sense to raise a child in that tradition that exists in your family. Or to put it, how it happened in my case.

First I would like to warn from possible missteps:
If you are going to share information, remember that parents should always know more than a child.
The self-limiting in a religious family lead to rejection.
The child should not read the Scriptures, it will give him the illusion that he is «in the know».
Information should only be given when you are sure that it is needed. Better hunger than gluttony or paivana.

How to create a nutrient medium:
No matter what faith you belong to, the best would be to tell the parable available to the child language. Especially in the way, when to do nothing, and the head of the free.
Periodically on the house Church music (to attend such concerts, listen to the organ in the Church, bell ringing at least five minutes a day). Scholars and preachers agree that these vibrations cleanse the soul, the space around, beneficial to home.
Paintings, icons, sculpture, architecture - the perception of art, dedicated to God, in any spiritual tradition.
Your example. If you keep the house icon not just to shop, go to the temple is not for show, the child will understand everything without words.

By the way: if you are not sure that you will able to answer children's questions or are used to turn to professionals, go to Sunday school, talk with the priest perhaps this will be the best choice for your child.

Is there a choice?

Parents this step is not always conscious. Dedicate, because «faith of the ancestors», «it is accepted in the society»to protect delicate child or to protect him from evil. A new status - the «social role» to purchase.
Today parents decide in what spiritual traditions to raise her child. In our country there is no official religion or ideology. Some prefer to stay on the position of atheism, and it is sometimes better than to show ostentatious religious, because they are sincere in their beliefs.
The choice is always there and all. It is important to remember about their responsibility, that you are an example to the children, which means your future is in your hands. For what purpose will be concentrated their forces? Will there be a place of spiritual life in their way?
Children - mirror parents, so what is your trust, approach to faith, these will be and the fruit it will give your child.

Important! It is impossible to come to faith just click it. If people are not ready or being dragged into the Church by force, there is a danger of slipping into falsehood, hypocrisy, external effects.


Mom says...

Daria sarin, the son Platon, 8 years
«I started the sacrament, almost from birth, immediately after baptism. The first questions arose about a year, while Hiking in the temple: where are we going, why, and who is God? It was very difficult to explain, and he understood quite differently, not as adults.
Told his son in the context of Orthodoxy, but rested rather metaphysical things than in the history of the Church. When I was older, another matter. Educate your child in Orthodoxy, try to give him as much as possible the positive moments in it, but if in adulthood, he will choose another traditional religion or practice, will have to accept it. To argue aggressively will only against sects».

Olga Koroleva, the daughter Michaela, 2 years 9 months
«Personified God do not admit call it for themselves a Higher power. Misha is still nothing asks. And when will start, I will try to stick to a neutral position. And science cannot explain, and religion is far from paleohalinity. Religion may Misha chooses itself, when you grow up and understand. However, an atheist, you can be too. For observance of moral norms faith is not needed.»

Maria Malysheva, the daughter Varya, 5 years
«I'm his daughter had said nothing. Grandma showed on the icon and said that it's God. I believe that there is a divine force, has a guardian angel. But unconditional faith in God, not in me.»

Anastasia M., daughter Olga, 7 years
«We have such a conversation with her daughter for the first time was when OLE was 5 years old. In the art galleries and museums have to explain what is happening and what is these images are in the culture of this nation. There is exactly one God, every religion is special, we all have our own beliefs. Now for her divine - as aliens and Santa Claus. If you want, you begin to believe her closer. For me it is important that the child did not cram your empty things. Deeply believing person for me is the one who by faith are trying to cover up the holes in their psychological vulnerability.»

Tatyana Tikhonova


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