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Whether to send the child to a children's camp?

Отправлять ли ребенка в детский лагерь?

A quarter of a century ago in a different country for the parents of schoolchildren pioneer camps were common. For parents - by the decision of the problems with the organization of children's holidays. The answer to the question «do send the child to a summer camp?» - was not. Of course, it was good! Sun, air and water are the best of friends of the child, as a counselor, educator and the PE teacher - best friends parents

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Learn to love and good manners

Учим ребенка хорошим манерам

How many baby no reforms, he will repeat all the parents. Is there any sense to vaccinate him good manners? Or rather to create conditions for their development? Practical recommendations of Russian and foreign mothers

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How to earn star children?

Как зарабатывают звездные дети?

Recently one of Moscow's playgrounds daughter Anastasia Volochkova Ariadne sang together with her mother, the children's song. Impressed occurring, WomanHit remembered and other star children working alongside adults

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Laughter helps the child develop

Смех помогает ребенку развиваться

Perhaps no one will argue with the fact that for any mom is a most wonderful sound is the happy laughter of her child. However, few people know that, and smile, and laugh - not only the expression of joy, but the basic mechanism of socialization of children, which necessarily need to pay attention to

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Evelina Bledans and her son became a work of art

Эвелина Бледанс и ее сын стали произведением искусства

Despite the fact that the little semen recently celebrated his only 7 months, his mother Evelina Bledans has quite an active way of life: starred in the TV series, voiced cartoons and protects the rights of sick children. And recently, it introduced the picture of the «Modern Madonna with a child»

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How to develop supernatural abilities of children?

Как развивать сверхъестественные способности детей?

The extraordinary gift of these children know yet only their parents, but very soon they will be known to the whole country. During this year the team of the channel TV3 conducted casting guys with unique abilities: some of them predict the future, someone talks to ghosts, someone treats hands

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Marina Mogilevskaya: «To the daughter of trying to prepare itself»

Марина Могилевская: «Для дочери стараюсь готовить сама»

A year ago the actress became a mother for the first time in 41 years, the actress was born a long-awaited daughter Masha. For this good cause Marina briefly disappeared from the view of the audience, but with this TV season again appeared on the screen. Film her today is not easy, as you have to leave on time with a very small child who remains in the care of a nanny. But Marina is convinced that a successful career moms impact on the education of daughters only positively

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