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Who are children of celebrities: the most unexpected profession

Кем работают дети знаменитостей: самые неожиданные профессии says, than to earn a living heirs Kuzmina, Bulanova, Andreeva and othersVladimir Kuzmin — daughter SofiaThe girl became famous thanks to participation in "Factory of stars-3", but the singer's career did not happen — Victor Drobysh at the last moment decided not to include it in the group "Tutsi". Solo career has not produced the expected results: a girl kept afloat only thanks to the famous names

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Home schooling: the pros and cons

Домашнее обучение: плюсы и минусы

Not all children receive education in a regular school. This is both good and bad. will help parents make the right choiceWhy some children do not fit the format of secondary school?There are several reasonsOne prominent child psychologist shared his thoughts about why children don't want to go to school. According to the expert, the Russian education system lacks a method of individual approach to student

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Children of the stars, which turns 18 this year

The heirs of famous names up and down. know where you plan to enroll children Brezhneva, Epinoy, Vodianova and othersNatalia Vodianova's son LucasNow the top model, known throughout the world, Natalia Vodianova gave birth to son Lucas at age 20, she married the child's father 9 months later, legalizing the relations in the registry office of St. Petersburg. "When I gave birth to Lucas, took him everywhere with us. Lucas is a very calm baby

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How to raise a child confident

Как воспитать ребенка уверенным в себе

Many children face this problem at an early age. prompt, on what to pay attention to parents and how to raise self-esteem of the kidEven if the couple has any children yet, they are already thinking on how to educate them. After a baby should take at least four years to begin to develop in him self-confidence.It all depends primarily on the personality of the child, because the same method will have different effects on different children

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Mothers and daughters: who is like the successor of the famous names will acquaint you closer with her daughters Kirkorov, Borodina, Guzeeva and other local starsElizaveta GalkinaCharming daughter of Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin similar to both parents. Angelic blond curls of the girl and a nice smile "disarms" worshippers of the star family. Subscribers maxima often do compliments to the child, exclaiming: "Pretty girl!"Borodina MarusyaThe eldest daughter of well-known TV presenter Mary Borodin — copy mother in childhood

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How to help your child with homework

Как правильно помогать ребенку с уроками

Homework even to first graders become increasingly difficult. However, sometimes attempts to help beloved child can be a disservice. How to act properly, know the clinical psychologist, specialist in NLP Marianne AbravitovaAs soon as the child went to school, discuss with him the mode of work and rest. For example, after returning from school he has an hour or two to rest, then you need to start doing your homework. The regime must be strictly observed

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Making gifts for new parents

Делаем подарки молодым родителям

The first child in the family is always an exciting event. However, there is a couple waiting for a lot of difficulties. To make life easier and allow more time with the baby, give mom and dad one of the items from the list WomanHit.ruIn the first months of baby's life as young parents do not understand how to do everything. Babies require a lot of attention, so you need to do very much. And that is, to allocate at least 20 minutes a day for yourself, and not talking

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Do I need to give a child in kindergarten

Нужно ли отдавать ребенка в детский сад

All young mothers are faced with a situation when you need to decide whether to leave the baby at home or go to preschool. will help you make the right choiceIf you have a child, sooner or later you will face the problem of choice: to send their children to kindergarten or to leave his home.The issue is quite complex, and answer it clearly impossible. It all depends on the individual characteristics of your child

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The mouths of Babes: what you need to learn from children

Устами младенца: чему нужно поучиться у детей

We grow up, our inner child hides under the pressure of society. will help you let it out, if you listen to our adviceNo, it is not to constantly walk around in a t-shirt with Mickey mouse on the meeting with foreign partners. We will talk about what basic things a grown man lose sight of, while for children they are perfectly normal and natural.The child continuously learns, mirfoto: pixabay

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Raising a genius: 8 rules

Воспитываем гения: 8 правил

All parents want to see their children successful. But some think big and try to grow a real Prodigy. give eight tips to adults who wait truly stunning children's achievementsThere are parents who are content with their child's progress. They want more, namely, to raise a genius. But it is not enough just to want it, you need to constantly develop the child. The difficulty is that no one knows exactly what to do, the child will become a Prodigy

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