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How to instill in your child a love of music

Как привить ребенку любовь к музыке

Musician, teacher, composer, nominated "Stereotypes of the future"-2018 and endorser of many brands of musical Anna topchieva tells how to do it using an unusual instrument called the hangTo instill a love of music to children in the modern world there are many possibilities. The world is full of unusual, beautiful and amazing sounds and musical instruments

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The challenging child: how to cope

Сложный ребенок: как справиться

Not all parents are able to rein in a little restless. But children often blame themselves for adults. share ways to establish contact between different generationsProbably everyone in their life has ever heard from friends or on television about "difficult children". About them psychologists, to make films where such children are submitted to an ordeal for the family

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What to do during the new year holidays

Чем занять ребенка в новогодние каникулы

Holiday week is a great opportunity to spend time with children. But rest wisely!Gather the whole family and buy large tileA few days before you start the game, take care to purchase a large set of puzzles. Remember, as a child you collected the simple pictures, and then ran to mommy to show the result? Give your child a beautiful puzzle, but since the long vacation, do not rush to choose the easiest option

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What do you know about the friendship between girls: answer the questions and win awesome prizes

Что вы знаете о дружбе между девочками: ответь на вопросы и получи классные призы

Test LEGO Friends and website WomanHit.ruWhat to give to your daughter, younger sister or daughter of a friend? Something that symbolizes the friendship and mutual assistance between the girls! After all, the younger generation is so important to see ourselves worthy examples. A great option for children six years — LEGO Friends "Box friendship" of cubes which you can collect five beautiful accessories in full size

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Fashionable moms: is there a style after giving birth

Модные мамочки: есть ли стиль после родов

When our lives come children, they change not only the rate but also in shape. A woman always want to be perfect. will help you to keep confidence in their appearance even in this hectic periodClothes for young mothers is quite specific, so as to take into account features of the figure who brought the pregnancy and the change of pace of life after birth. We will help you to remain stylish, while you will have time to care for your baby

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3 reasons to let go of a teenager to celebrate the New year with friends

3 причины отпустить подростка встречать Новый год с друзьями

Marianne Abravitova, a clinical psychologist, an expert at NLP, said why you should not interfere with the child to celebrate the holidays in your companyNo. 1. A test of trust.A teenager is a person who enters into adulthood. If you are confident of his friends, if you trust your child, then you need to release him to celebrate the New year with friends. If you trust the teenager, so he's already ready to celebrate the holidays in your company. The child must be your space

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How to help a child to survive his parents ' divorce

Как помочь ребенку пережить развод родителей

Anna Bliss, a coach, leading groups author of several books on psychology counselling psychologist with 15 years of experience in practical work, in collaboration with Vadim and Holodtsova gives the answer to this and other important issuesFamily life is not always smooth and rosy as could be desired. Sometimes people break up and suffer from this situation their common child

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Manual for parents: how to survive primary school

Инструкция для родителей: как пережить начальную школу

When your child starts to learn, you look like you're back at the Desk. will give a few tips on how to start a school stage rightThe closer September first, the more many parents lose their inner peace. Even if the child is not a first grader, the parents still feel uneasy, and on the 1st of September they along with the children frantically begin training. How to make so that the school has caused most of the positive emotions? Try to understand

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5 ways to motivate your child for classes

5 способов мотивировать ребенка к занятиям

Learning is a difficult process for a child. How to make so that the child ran to school to study? Have is the answerPrimary school — the stage when the child gradually formed the child's relationship to the educational process. Already in the first class we need to start to motivate learning, develop interest in learning new things, in this age, the child moves to a new stage of development. Their brain is ready to perceive new information, further pushing the game of interest

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Grandma said, the myths from the past about parenting

Бабушка сказала: мифы из прошлого о воспитании детей

Still talk to older relatives about how to grow a "real person"? Not worth it. collected recommendations, which, it's time to get rid ofTime goes, everything changes, but many things in our minds remain unchanged. It is those myths that live in our head and I'm not going to disappear, especially when it comes to our family. Namely, children. We thought and made a selection of the most common and enduring myths about the education of the younger generation.Myth 1

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