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Motherhood as a reason for the development of

Contrary to popular belief, the intelligence of women is not decreasing after birth and may grow significantlyLet's start with the fact that the appearance of the child, especially the first — is stressful for women. To learn how to care for the baby, choose the right things for him, toys to grasp the rules of complementary foods, requires enormous mental effort.Besides, the child is a person with whom it is impossible to plan anything

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5 tips for parents from kids

We do spoil them, and then cryTip # 1.Sometimes the children themselves are asked to limit them in any way. But, really, pulling the baby with toys, we cover his childhood, and he don't need it. The baby just distracting, he can't concentrate on one thing. And then we complain to girlfriends: he's destroying everything, she has no favorite doll.Tip # 2. Talk with your child as with an adult. It is the same full member of the family

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Why childfree think about the children

Spring — not a good time for sensitive people, when even those who are trying to do logical things, you can expect eccentricities. And sometimes it's more than a new hair colorWell, the conversations they have! Listening and sometimes blushed, which previously has ever happened to me. But before long my wife and not thinking about the strong and effective embryos the sperm with the glint in his eyes, as if it was on the menu, decent places

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Everything you need to know about nutrition student

Все, что нужно знать о правильном питании школьника considered the recommendations of nutritionists and drew up a plan of proper nutrition for children and possibly their parentsChildren increasingly eat the same as modern adults. All on the run, snacking, sweets, dinner, fast food... And if the adults at least suffer remorse from this power, the children sometimes just don't know how to eat correctly

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Fruit juice: production

Детский сок: особенности производства

Baby food on the shelves of our stores a lot, but the parents want to choose the best.And how to understand that better? It would be good to see the production process with my own eyes, to make sure that everything is under control, that the raw materials — only the highest quality.Recently a group of journalists and bloggers invited to see how are baby juices and purees

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5 tips on how to raise a child, not blame.

5 советов, как воспитывать ребенка, а не ругать figured out how to criticize the child, so as not to offend and not to lose contact with himNaughty children don't learn lessons, and sometimes make something worse. In General, sooner or later the parents and other adults faced with the need to tell the child to his mistakes.The word is a powerful weapon. When a person is accused, he tries to avoid contact. When people endorse and support, he wants to hear it again and again

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5 ways to get a child to homework

5 способов привлечь ребенка к домашней работе

How to grow assistant to the delight of mom and dadModern children, as a rule, are not burdened with homework. Frankly, it is easier and faster to peel the potatoes or load dishes in the dishwasher than to wait until it makes a baby. However, psychologists argue that it is not correct.American researchers from the University of Minnesota for 25 years watched life of 84 subjects

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Methods of treating depression in pregnant women

While carrying a child it is important to combine care of your mental state and health of the babyMany of those suffering from depression take antidepressants, and they usually help. But what if there is a pregnancy, and depression will not go away? To continue taking pills or postpone them for the time of carrying a child and breastfeeding? A definite answer to this question is no.It is believed that depressed mothers negatively affect the child

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Oscar from the Arbat: why blame the parents

Well-known journalist Iryna Seliverstova — about scandal with detention of a child chanting street poetry of Shakespeare"In the abominable history with the arrest of a 9-year-old boy Oscar, who read in the street poems of Shakespeare, I'm more surprised not even the brutality of the police (we already used), and the reaction of ordinary people, justifying this cruelty

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