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School time: preparing for the new school year

Школьная пора: готовимся к новому учебному году — about the most important purchases that need to get done before September 1Although school uniform (in the usual sense) is cancelled, still there are some standards on how to look better in school line, and then in class. We have selected the lovely options — from a school collection PlayToday.CaseNot a school uniform, as they say. Scientists believe games in my spare time making our children happy

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5 tips for young mothers from grandmothers and doctors

5 советов молодым мамам от бабушек и врачей

Choose whose opinion to listenTip # 1Our parents, and we, too, swaddled in a creepy rag so that the child could not move. The view grandmothers: so baby can't hurt themselves, and his legs are straight and slender. However, do not agree with the doctors, considering this method is deprecated. They argue that without diapers the child is threatened with a club foot, on the contrary, tight tissue may lead to developmental disorders of the hips.To swaddle or нет?pixabay

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Interior excellence: what should be the working place of the student

Very soon the children will start school and of course homework. How to equip the nursery for the young student? gathered useful tipsSpace zoningIn the arrangement of furniture is the recommended zoning. Try to make a sleeping area and study area has been divided. With such arrangement, the child will be less distracted from school. Zones can be divided by a partition. But not a simple screen, but, for example, a Board on which you can draw

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Why celebrities do not recognize their children born out of wedlock and not paying child support

Почему знаменитости не признают своих внебрачных детей и не платят алименты

Leading the program "juvenile", lecturer of the law faculty of the University of Victoria Danilchenko said why in controversial cases need to go to court, not the talk showRecently, the media frequently reports that the stars of show business do not pay alimony to their illegitimate children. In these scandals was seen Vadim Kazachenko, Alexander Serov, Alexander Malinin, and many others

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How to protect your child against unemployment

Как уберечь ребенка от безработицы

Why do some families grow children who become a support for parents, and other chronic slackers? Psychologist and parapsychologist Saona knows how in the process of education to give the child a chance for a good futureEducate by exampleIf a child sees that his father and mother workers and also get pleasure from what you do, the chances of becoming unemployed it is much less than that of children growing up in families where the attitude to work as hard labor

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Beware of the holidays: tips for parents

Осторожно, каникулы: советы для родителей

How to protect your child from bad companies, do not give him to stumble?Ahead of the school holidays — a time when children are often left without adult supervision. How to protect your child from bad companies, do not give him to stumble? Expert host of "juvenile", lecturer of the law faculty of the University of Victoria Danilchenko.Victoria Danilchenko: materials of press-servicesWhen children fall into bad company, parents usually find out about it later

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How to be a friend to your child

Как стать другом своему ребенку

The problem of misunderstanding between the generations often prevents parents and children to connect. Clinical psychologist Marianne Abravitova shares the secrets of good relationships in the family2-4 years: do not disturb the baby to playAt the age of 2-4 years children have secrets of a subjective nature. Most often it is manifested at the time of the game. The game is a field in which occurs their own world. So the child doesn't want to penetrate someone else, even his parents

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3 rules cozy beds

3 правила уютной кроватки

Peaceful sleep of a child is the key to its healthRule # 1The bed is a "house" for the baby, it is associated with the womb of mom. So give the house a comfortable place to cradle. A child grows — growing bed.The bed grows with малышомpixabay.comRule # 2Have you noticed that the child often is tied to one soft toy and carries it everywhere with him. The same happens with a favorite blanket that associate the baby with some protection from the bad things

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An optimist by inheritance: how to raise resilient children

Оптимист по наследству: как воспитать жизнерадостных детей listened to the expert opinion of the psychologist and writer Olga Romaniv about what should be done to parents that their kids have grown positive and exuded happinessYour attitude to life is passed to the babyYou can often hear that young mothers are recommended as less nervous, especially if their child is breastfed. In the age of months the child conveys the emotions through the senses: sight, touch, hearing, smell

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5 reasons to start a writing pen

5 причин начать писать ручкой

It's time to push the keyboard aside, otherwise you will lose important skillsWe are able to type messages in the phone, on the move, without taking your eyes off the road. From an early age printable ten fingers blind method. Thoughts recorded on tape, and the number is dialed by voice, and only the usual handle, we really have forgotten how to write. According to scientists, it threatens us with loss of important skills

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