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Methods of treating depression in pregnant women

While carrying a child it is important to combine care of your mental state and health of the babyMany of those suffering from depression take antidepressants, and they usually help. But what if there is a pregnancy, and depression will not go away? To continue taking pills or postpone them for the time of carrying a child and breastfeeding? A definite answer to this question is no.It is believed that depressed mothers negatively affect the child

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Oscar from the Arbat: why blame the parents

Well-known journalist Iryna Seliverstova — about scandal with detention of a child chanting street poetry of Shakespeare"In the abominable history with the arrest of a 9-year-old boy Oscar, who read in the street poems of Shakespeare, I'm more surprised not even the brutality of the police (we already used), and the reaction of ordinary people, justifying this cruelty

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Useful for children of early glory

Expert the psychoanalyst Alexander Rybinski, Professional member of the International Psychoanalytic Society — about how to develop the talents of your heirsFantasies about what we want to see their children, many of us visit even before they're born. And, of course, our children should be smart, beautiful and successful. Suppose that the parents see in the child the spark of talent and struggling to rekindle the flames from it. And the child wants to develop in this direction

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5 things you're not allowed to ban children

5 вещей, которые нельзя запрещать детям

Allowing the child to do it today, you will receive a thanks in the futureEvery parent seeks to protect their child from pain, disappointment and mistakes. However, psychologists say that banning children some thing, we do not act for their benefit, but rather, limit their development and make them insecure. Of course, reasonable limits should be, but let your child a little more, and it will be you in the future, grateful for his happy childhood

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Children's hour: the 5 best beauty products for your heirs

Детский час: 5 лучших бьюти-средств для ваших наследников — that children, too, need its moment of beauty and healthBaby kit Hello KittyPhoto: materials of press-servicesThe pink box sure to delight any young lady. After all, inside is a real treasure: perfume "Sweet fantasy" c light sweet notes of berry fruit and caramel hand cream (also with sweet scent), lip gloss (phouma tutti-Frutti) and amazing hair gel c magic sequins, which will make each haircut and styling fabulously beautiful and elegant

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Baby time bomb

Found a way to postpone motherhood until middle ageGiving birth before can now afford is that those who lost the head from love or has wealthy parents. Everyone else has to work hard to provide financial stability for yourself and future offspring. Therefore, more and more first births are postponed until the age of "much over 30".But the truth is that after 35 the chances of natural conception decrease dramatically

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Tips on how not to ruin a vacation with a small child

Советы, как не испортить отпуск с маленьким ребенком

Soon long may holidays. What you need to know to go to rest with a babySmall children do not tolerate the trip. In Soviet times, a child up to 3 years old are not advised to take them far from home. But times have changed, life has become faster, it had new technologies that allow parents easily and without hassle to travel with babies around the globe.PlaceDo not dramatically change the climate

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As Irena Ponaroshku raising a vegetarian

Как Ирена Понарошку растит вегетарианца

The presenter has never hidden that her six year old son Serafim tried meat. decided to find out how it is harmful or, on the contrary, it is usefulTo give up meat Irena Ponaroshku decided for the sake of her future husband. Alexander Glukhov, better known as DJ List, considers himself a devotee. And when he said to Irena, his girlfriend simply has no right to eat meat, the presenter became a vegetarian, what did not regret

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Parenting without yelling and slapping

Psychologists urge parents to quiet dialogue with childrenSociety has become accustomed to the fact that physical punishment considered a violence and should be condemned. However, as psychologists say, violence is not only limited to slaps and blows. It has other, less visible forms.So, experts say that the cry of a parent brings a child less stressful than a slap on the ass. Both types of punishment are damaging to child's psyche

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